Letters to the editor, April 1, 2020

Letters to the editor, April 1, 2020


Equal Pay Day AAUW

To the editor,

March 31 is Equal Pay Day, the day when the typical woman working full time in the United States catches up to what a man was paid the previous year. That’s right, females make 80 cents to a man’s dollar, which means women must work three extra months every year to be commensurate with men’s salaries! In South Dakota women face a pay gap of 78 cents, which translates into less money for feeding families, paying off student loans, and saving for retirement. While the gap has narrowed since passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, progress has largely stalled. Because of limited enforcement tools and weak remedies, the law has not been able to fulfill its promise. The Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA) currently in Congress provides a much-needed update to the Equal Pay Act by providing the tools to close the gender pay gap in all 50 states.

The American Association of University Women Branch in Rapid City is proud to support national AAUW’s efforts to urge legislative action on the Paycheck Fairness Act. That legislation passed by the US House of Representatives a year ago but is still awaiting Senate action. As we wait for Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, South Dakota AAUW members, will continue to provide information on the gender pay gap and training for women on salary negotiations. We will also stay engaged with important issues in South Dakota to reduce the gender pay gap in our state.


Kathryn Johnson

Co-President, AAUW Rapid City Branch

What if Obama had done it?

To the editor,

After watching Trump as President for the last three years, it’s time to ask, “What if Obama had done it?”

You can substitute Hillary Clinton for Obama if you wish. What if Obama had asked a foreign country to help him against his political opponent? What if Obama had placed tariffs on countries who import our farm products, resulting in the collapse of commodity prices? What if Obama had said that he bore no responsibility in the slow response to a contagious and deadly virus? Do you think Republicans would let Obama off the hook like they do Trump?

The Tea Party started because of opposition to Obama's economic stimulus package. Trump is now proposing to bail out large corporations with hundreds of billions of dollars, when we have a national debt of over 23 trillion dollars.

Where is the Tea Party now? It appears Tea Partiers and Republicans don’t care about the deficit unless we have a Democratic President.

Lynn DesLauriers, Rapid City

More and more debt

To the editor,

The Republicans seemed to have reversed them selves again, going from fiscal conservatives to spending radicals. They just cannot figure out who they want to be. They want to build a giant war machine, bail out wall street and then what.

They certainly do not want to rebuild our infrastructure. They talk “Big” about it but never do it. They talk about giving us the “greatest health care” in the world but they never do. What they do is create more and more debt while our bridges fall down, our electrical grid fails, our dams are collapsing and our health care system is in ruin.

When they gave 1.5 trillion in corporate tax relief, they promised to rebuild our industries and yet they built nothing, not a single new industry.

What happened to all this money? Who knows? We know it did not find its way into American jobs.

Why is unemployment so low? Ten thousand baby boomers retiring every day. The problem with Republicans is that their moral center is built around money. We Americans need leadership that really cares about all its citizens.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

Three hours was enough

To the editor,

Watching the city council meeting online; I always hope that our council members would be short on words and long on wisdom. Not seeing that- sounded more like a campaign run for some of them. Three hours is/was long enough.

Cabot Irvine, Rapid City

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