Letters to the editor, April 18, 2020

Letters to the editor, April 18, 2020


Think of your constituents

To the editor,

I urge Gov. Noem to issue a stay-at-home order. Just because states have lines on a map doesn't mean they have lines in real life; people who are infected by Covid-19 will come and go, infecting our citizens and others in nearby states. It is irresponsible for us to have the most lenient restrictions in the US when 41 of the other states have taken the responsible step of urging businesses and citizens to keep to themselves. I urge my elected officials to read the science that says the sooner we lock down, the sooner we can get back to business.

The pandemic is not a partisan issue. This is a matter of people's lives. Of my life; I live in Rapid City and have severe asthma. I am stressed and tired of worrying about every visit to the grocery store.

I urge the Governor to think of her constituents over her party. I urge her to take the responsible step and issue a stay-at-home order for the state of SD.

It is essential that we consider the vulnerable people in this great state.

Lesleigh Owen, Rapid City

Use face masks in public

To the editor,

Retired Doctor of Orthopedic Medicine Dr Jack Billion of Sioux Falls, and retired 22 year legislator Frank Kloucek of Scotland, ask South Dakotan's to stay home, but when you must go out wear face masks in all public spaces like grocery stores.

The recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology study has proven that Corvid droplets from humans can travel up to 27 feet in laboratory conditions. The implementation of dust mask or face mask policies should have been mandated long ago!

We need to look at the world around us and see what is working in the fight against the Corvid 19 virus. Face masks are working to reduce the infection rate. Please use them when you go out into the public.

The Czech Republic has mandated face masks for office workers and in all public situations. If the Czech Republic can do this why can not we at least voluntarily do so. One can be a carrier of this disease and not know it. To protect yourself and others – please wear a face mask. It falls to us to protect our communities.

Frank Kloucek, Scotland and Jack Billion, Sioux Falls

What is the benefit?

To the editor,

Re. Coronavirus study.

Governor Noem has offered up South Dakota residents for clinical studies using Hydroxychloroquine, a first study in the United States.

Three countries; Brazil, France and Sweden have discontinued their studies as there was no benefit and the side effects (heart arrhythmia, loss of vision plus lesser conditions) carried more weight than any potential benefit. China saw a lessened impact of symptoms by one day of patients with mild cases of the virus. The drug does not eradicate the virus.

This we know by reading. So, what benefit is it to subject our citizens to this case study? Strict allegiance to Trump?

Michael Koevenig, Hill City

Alternative to Hoarding

To the editor,

According to an article in The Christian Century, Belden C. Lane shares from “Rabbinical Stories: A Primer on Theological Method,” about true generosity. As the story goes two brothers worked a common field and a common mill. Each night they divided whatever grain they had produced and took their own portion home. One brother was single and the other was married with a large family. The single brother decided that his married brother with all those kids needed more grain than he did, so at night he secretly went to his brother’s granary and gave him an extra portion. The married brother realized that his single brother didn’t have any children to care for him in his old age, so he secretly deposits grain in his single brother’s granary.

One night they met half way between the two granaries and realized what was going on. That so pleased God that He proclaimed “this place of love is a holy place.”

What if we all related to each other as those brothers did, with a sense of compassion and not fear. Don’t buy more than you need when at the store. Hoarding is a result of fear and selfishness. Generosity is a result of caring and compassion.

Bruce H. Venner, Rapid City, SD

Why do people run for office?

To the editor,

There must be some reason people seek public office. Can't be the money, maybe not the admiration, mysterious! One thing for sure, you sure attract criticism! No matter what you do, or don't do, someone will crawl out of the woodwork and yell about it! You were too early or too late, did too much or not enough, spent (wasted) too much money or not enough, too lenient or stomping on their rights! If you naysayers are so unhappy with them, get a nominating petition and replace them!


Lowell Holmgren, Rapid City

Thank you

To the editor,

My wife and I would like to thank all of the City, County and State Police, all the medical people, the truck drivers both local and long haulers. We would also like to thank the businesses that stayed open to give drive through, pick up and delivery service. We would like to thank the postal service for continuing to deliver the mail. Also, thank you to the journal for continuing to print the paper. We would like to thank the military for staying on duty to protect our freedoms. We are doing our best to support all our local businesses that stayed open. We not only thank you, but we pray that you stay safe and healthy. Yes, there are angels among us and we just described them in the above sentences. Again thank you for your dedication and professionalism. We would like to thank all the businesses that stayed open to support the mission.

James L. Cummings, Rapid City

False hope and phony cures

To the editor,

Paraphrasing Brent Larkin, a newspaper writer in Cleveland; “President Trump sows divisions,  belittling all who oppose him, exalting all who blindly support him, while offering prescriptions for ending the pandemic that are laced with lies, false hope, phony cures and promises of rapid recovery.” 

The latest display of incompetence is his introducing a plan for opening the economy after COVID-19.  The key element in determining the end of the virus and when it is safe to return to a normal level of  economic and social interaction, is extensive testing.  The lies start again when Trump stated that we have most advanced testing program worldwide, where anyone needing a test can get one.  Ask your doctors if this is true. So if we don’t have comprehensive testing (like the White House has for all visitors) how can we know the virus has passed,  who can safely return to work, and when people could resume normal social contact.  His first step toward instituting this plan was to name Jared and Ivanka to lead this effort.  Do you feel comfortable placing your family’s lives in their hands?

Remember the old chant, “Hey, Hey Donald J, how many folks have you killed today!”

Louis Leahy, Spearfish

Results matter

To the editor,

Judging the success of our leaders is best done by looking at their accomplishments. Not only what have they achieved personally, but what have they accomplished for the good of South Dakota. I would like to take a second to envision some accomplishments South Dakota should expect from its congressional leaders.

A great congressman should introduce legislation that addresses real concerns in the agriculture community such as adjusting the prevent plant harvest date or advocate for policy change such as country of origin labeling. I would expect a South Dakota representative to serve on the agriculture committee and be a ranking member on a crucial subcommittee that oversees food stamps and the Department of Agriculture.

I want my representative to be involved in active policy change such as whipping votes for the USMCA, a critical trade deal for South Dakota. Luckily for me and for the rest of South Dakota, we have a congressman that can accomplish those things as a freshman in the minority of Congress. Dusty Johnson campaigned on “energy to burn” and I think it’s pretty clear that energy went to good use.

During these uncertain times, we deserve representation that has a proven record in Congress.

Andrew Rasmussen, Brookings

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