Letters to the editor, April 22, 2020

Letters to the editor, April 22, 2020


Do the right thing

To the editor,

Many of us have spent a lifetime accumulating our wealth. Now is the time to redistribute it to our communities that have helped to achieve what we enjoy.

If we can't go to church and find strength in our groups, maybe we should bring new meaning to the word 'tithe', For those willing to give, not just the ones who do, but all of us who see the light, and realize 'what good will wealth be if there is no place to spend it', except through the impersonal internet. As I watch the various reporters on TV I wonder how many of them help others?

Most of the regular names earn a millions. Caring for our fellow man means doing the precautions that protect each other and looking ahead to our future. This is a critical time to do the right thing. Each us that can, should do what they can.

A good idea is to say what you believe on your mask. Reusable masks are best for this with their filters.

"I Can, Can You?" is one suggestion. Give to the Boys Club, the YMCA and other LOCAL organizations that have to relearn how to reach families once again.

David Lane, Rapid City

Guinea Pigs?

To the editor,

Since Governor Noem chose our state to test hydroxychloroquine at the suggestion of President Trump, will she also follow his suggestion to "bring the light inside the body" or inject disinfectant into the body to kill COVID-19?

Will South Dakotans be guinea pigs for these ideas too?

Personally I think it's bad to get advice from a TV personality pretending he understands medicine.

Jeff Jacobsen, Rapid City

Trump's failure

To the editor,

First of all, you need to know Trump fired the entire Pandemic Response Team in 2018. Dr. Ryan of the World Health Organization said, "We alerted the world about the coronavirus on January 5th, 2020 and Trump was briefed. On January 22, Trump said, "We have it totally under control."

On March 2, Trump said, "This is their new hoax." He compared it to the common flu. On February 26, Trump said, "And again, we have 15 people sick, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down close to zero. That's a pretty good job we've done." On February 27th he said, "It's going to disappear, it's like a miracle - it will disappear."

Trump said, "And we're prepared and we're doing a great job with this - and it will go away. Just stay calm, it will go away." A day later, on March 11th, the WHO declared the global outbreak a pandemic. On March 17th, Trump said, "This is a pandemic." "I felt it was a pandemic long before they said it was a pandemic."

Trump is responsible for much pain, suffering, and death because of his inaction. Trump is delusional.

Metakuye Oyiasin (All my relatives)

Robert Ackerman, Rapid City

Changing the way we see ourselves

To the editor,

We Americans are on the precipice of a change in the way we see ourselves. Many see the individual as king maker, the the maker of wealth, of jobs of all that is powerful.

This idea of Individual rule began with a feudal system where those that had the biggest clubs and the strongest men to weal them would have all the wealth and dole it out to those he sees worthy.

The 'Make America Great Again' group lead by Trump wants to return us to that kind of state where the strongest rule all others. Our founders had another way of looking at the world where kings were not allowed in.

This was a world where each person had an equal right and the community of persons ruled, with special rights given to protect the minority, thus the 'Bill of Rights'.

We believe that it was not mountain men, and rancher kings who build the west, it was in fact the tens of thousands of families who came west not to find fame and fortune but to find a place to build a home and raise a family. Those who actually build our nation were millions of normal people.

Brent Cox, Sturgis


To the editor,

Since my fourth letter did not get published, I will tone down my rhetoric and try again with this fifth letter. I had to agree with what Governor Coumo said about “King” Trump–wish you could have read my 4th letter.

I’m not sure why Trump has suspended financing to the World Health Organization. This is a time when the world needs as much help as possible and the WHO and Center of Disease Control could be leading the way. Trump stated his reason being that they did not give enough guidance to warn nations that this outbreak was occurring. I think most Americans would agree that Trump could have provided better guidance himself but I don’t see anyone suspending his finances as president.

I also noticed how Trump has recanted his idea about reopening America. He claims he has this authority since he is president. He has now given this power to Governors. The Governors, virus progression, and American people determine when this country re-opens–not Trump. He probably discovered that many people (potential voters) were against this idea and decided to back off on his authority. Let’s make America great again by not reelecting Trump.

Joseph Schiffer, Rapid City

Results matter

To the editor,

Judging the success of our leaders is best done by looking at their accomplishments. Not only what have they achieved personally, but what have they accomplished for the good of South Dakota. I would like to take a second to envision some accomplishments South Dakota should expect from its congressional leaders.

A great congressman should introduce legislation that addresses real concerns in the agriculture community such as adjusting the prevent plant harvest date or advocate for policy change such as country of origin labeling. I would expect a South Dakota representative to serve on the agriculture committee and be a ranking member on a crucial subcommittee that oversees food stamps and the Department of Agriculture.

I want my representative to be involved in active policy change such as whipping votes for the USMCA, a critical trade deal for South Dakota. Luckily for me and for the rest of South Dakota, we have a congressman that can accomplish those things as a freshman in the minority of Congress. Dusty Johnson campaigned on “energy to burn” and I think it’s pretty clear that energy went to good use.

During these uncertain times, we deserve representation that has a proven record in Congress.

Andrew Rasmussen, Brookings

What are they thinking?

I saw a bit on the internet lately stating that some Bernie supporters are undecided about voting for Biden.

What are they thinking?

Don't they realize that ridding this country of that incompetent lying national disgrace in the White House is the most important vote they'll ever cast? Maybe the Rolling Stones said it best: "You can't always get what you want - but it you try sometime, you'll find you get what you need".

The Electoral College renders good guy votes in South Dakota meaningless, of course, but if local Demos have Bernie backer friends in swing states lets hope they can convince them to save our democracy and get out the vote for Biden.

Bernie wants them to do that and so do real patriots everywhere.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

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