Letters to the editor, April 4, 2020

Letters to the editor, April 4, 2020


You can't shoot a virus

To the editor,

Once again science is taking a “back seat” in the policies of some of our political leaders? It is very disheartening to watch some of our leaders downplay and procrastinate on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until recently President Trump has consistently downplayed the threat of the virus, overriding the statements of his scientific advisors like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci. Governors who follow the science have taken steps to flatten the curve in their states, but some, such as the governors of Florida and Georgia are following the lead of Trump. They now have realized their error and have closed their states down.

This brings us to the state of South Dakota. Our governor has shown very little leadership during this crisis. It appears that she is ceding power to the legislature, and even wanted the state health officer to take responsibility. If she doesn’t want to lead why did she run for governor?

Now the legislature has a bill to limit the governor’s powers to deal with the pandemic. The last half of the bill makes sure that the governor can’t restrict the sale and use of firearms. Note to legislators: “You can’t shoot the virus.”

Lynn DesLauriers, Rapid City

The Choice

To the editor,

We all know what a fragile ego our President has, but come on ...to deny needed medical supplies to Governor’s who don’t like him or have said things against him?

Guess what, genius, you're not hurting the Governor, you're hurting the citizens of that state. Our needed medical supplies are almost depleted, but you chose to send a massive amount to China.

You closed down the Government agency that monitors pandemics, ignored warnings, ignored briefings and chose to follow what you thought was right by ignoring the virus and basically saying it was a hoax.

Meanwhile people were getting starting to get sick or those who didn’t know they had the virus were entering the country, spreading the virus.

So, it all lies on your head. All the deaths, all the sickness. You made your choice. You above the American People.

Linda Minkel, Rapid City

Let people know they are appreciated

To the editor,

The heroes in this chapter will not sport stars on their collar nor hold an impressive title. They will be the low wage earners serving sack lunches through a drive up window or bagging your groceries. People in medical scrubs fighting an almost unwinnable fight against an insidious foe who knows no bounds and shows no mercy.

Humanitarian aid does not invariably come in the form of grand gestures from governments or large corporations. It also can occur in the form of gratuitous payments to the clerk at the check out counter or doing the laundry for a nurse whose just finished a grueling twelve hour shift.

Kindness to others must claim the place of pushing our humanity to the side. Let us not stand in the shadows of uncertainty or dive headlong into despair.

So I am asking one and all to find some means to provide humanitarian aid to those called into service who serve us. Make sure they know how much you value the sacrifice they are making. It is the least and also the most we can do for each other.

Kevin Fedler, Rapid City

New Communications director

To the editor,

Why Governor Noem would appoint Ian Fury, who was a policy analyst for Kansas Governor Brownback, to become South Dakota State Communications Director is beyond me.

Governor Brownback's Kansas administration is well known for being a total failure. In a disastrous step he cut taxes and funding for public schools 50 percent. This action was eventually ruled unconstitutional and reversed by the Kansas Supreme Court, but only after ruining many public schools. Brownback also severely harmed Kansas University and Kansas State University with ill conceived funding cuts and then he helped enact concealed gun carry laws likely putting professors lives in danger. Finally Kansas is recognized as experiencing a much more prolonged 2008 recession than other states in the midwest, probably because corporations don't want to relocate to states with poor schools.

After his years in Kansas Mr. Fury has been on the staff of Representative Jordan in Washington. Representative Jordan is a divisive ideologue whose previous background at Ohio State as a wrestling coach merits further review.

Willis Sutliff, Rapid City

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