Letters to the editor, April 8, 2020 (copy)

Letters to the editor, April 8, 2020 (copy)


Think of your constituents

To the editor,

I urge Gov. Noem to issue a stay-at-home order. Just because states have lines on a map doesn't mean they have lines in real life; people who are infected by Covid-19 will come and go, infecting our citizens and others in nearby states. It is irresponsible for us to have the most lenient restrictions in the US when 41 of the other states have taken the responsible step of urging businesses and citizens to keep to themselves. I urge my elected officials to read the science that says the sooner we lock down, the sooner we can get back to business.

The pandemic is not a partisan issue. This is a matter of people's lives. Of my life; I live in Rapid City and have severe asthma. I am stressed and tired of worrying about every visit to the grocery store.

I urge the Governor to think of her constituents over her party. I urge her to take the responsible step and issue a stay-at-home order for the state of SD.

It is essential that we consider the vulnerable people in this great state.

Lesleigh Owen, Rapid City

Defending the Second Amendment

To the editor,

Ayaana Pressley (empty the prisons) and Larry Krasner (make police stop arresting criminals) showcase dangerous pandemic policies that threaten our ability to protect ourselves and our families.

Democrat anti-gun and anti-self defense extremists have attempted to shut down gun stores and the issuance of firearm permits, and have created extreme delays for required background checks. Some jurisdictions have even put added restrictions on firearm transfers, making it all but impossible for many law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

While some some anti-gun lawmakers are exploiting the pandemic to eliminate your fundamental right to self-defense, Governor Kristi Noem signed timely legislation declaring “that no state agency, political subdivision, or any elected or appointed official or employee may prohibit, regulate, or curtail the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, sale, transportation, transfer, defensive use, or other lawful use of any firearm or ammunition”.

The law also prohibits firearm confiscation, revocation or suspension of carry permits, the refusal to accept carry permit applications, mandated gun store closures, and a limitation on the number of firearms or ammunition purchases.

Anti-gun policies invariably spur firearm sales. The FBI has processed a record 9,245,857 background checks so far this year.

Bill Miller, Rapid City

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