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Letters to the editor, August 14, 2021

Letters to the editor, August 14, 2021

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Letters to the editor, August 14, 2021

Putting politics over health

The American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, South Dakota State Medical Association are all in agreement that children should be attending in person school with masks, regardless of vaccination status.

The RCAS school board continues to demonstrate political motivations over the health and safety of the students they are entrusted to steward fogged by misinformation and opinions. As a parent of a 3rd grader, I am especially concerned for all elementary students who are not yet eligible for vaccination. Parents and students are craving a more normal school year and our best means of achieving that is through vaccination and mask wearing. The COVID-19 Delta Variant has changed the game rapidly in recent weeks.

To say many of us are disappointed in this, is an understatement. However, we cannot abandon well understood scientific principles and allow our youngest to be the collateral for unmitigated Delta spread. The RCAS Communicable Disease policy states “The board further recognizes its responsibility to provide a healthy environment for all students and school employees.” I hope they take this statement seriously, especially as it relates to our youngest learners.

Kimberly Hayden, mother, Physician Assistant, RCAS graduate

Teach kids not to fight

This school year will be "back to normal" and mask requirements will be dropped for students and visitors. I know there are strong feeling on each side, but can we all agree that political fighting has no place on the playground.

Please talk to your kids and explain that everyone is different and that is OK. Please help them understand that a classmate, with or without a mask, is a classmate. Children are watching and learning from adults and we are not being good examples. Many adult friendships have been ruined because we choose to fight about our few differences. We need to celebrate our commonalities and be a better teammates in the game of life.

Robert Kjerstad, Rapid City

Republicans miss insurrection hearing

I watched the hearing on July 27 pertaining to the January 6th insurrection and was appalled that most of the Republican Congress failed to watch the proceedings.

not only that but the commentators with Fox News were calling the officers actors. it seemed hypocritical to criticize law enforcement after they risked their lives to protect the members of Congress. their reward for telling the truth is getting texts and emails threatening their lives this is from the Republican party that claims to be the party of law enforcement.

This was not a love vest as former President Donald Trump keeps saying, it was a full fledged attack on our US capital and a threat to our democracy.

The Republican senators including Thune and rounds and rounds voted not to appoint a non partisan committee to look into the insurrection and now are calling the committee partisan after having the opportunity to have equal representation.

Speaker Pelosi has been accused of being responsible for security of the capitol. However, she is not responsible for securing the capitol. The capitol police board is responsible for security.

It seems that January 6th was an all out attack on our democracy and had they been successful we would now be living under a dictator rather than a democracy.

Charlie Flowers, Iroquois, SD

Time to mandate vaccines

It's time that mandatory vaccine requirements be issued for all possible segments of the workforce in South Dakota.

With only slightly over 1/2 of our adult population vaccinated, we have a long way to go in developing "herd immunity" in South Dakota.

The governor has shown a complete failure of leadership in this regard, governor Noem has denied the success of the vaccination programs nationwide and has ignored the valid and proven data showing the scientific support for the nationwide vaccination programs. Instead she has clung to misinformation and supported the trump program, "the big lie."

The failure to accept proven scientific data is truly a disservice to the people of South Dakota, and does cause a significant number of South Dakota deaths. Governor Noem needs to admit her mistakes and lack of knowledge in this regard.

The governor needs to order an executive proclamation to require vaccination in all eligible areas within state jurisdiction, in state jobs and cooperating private employers. In this well yours. And this way we can undo some of the damage that has been caused.

Jack Billion, Sioux Falls

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