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Letters to the editor, August 22, 2020

Letters to the editor, August 22, 2020

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Letters to the editor, August 22, 2020

Frye-Muelle gullible

To the editor,

Trump administration prosecutors have charged organizers of We Build The Wall with defrauding donors. They allegedly advertised that 100 percent of the donations would be used to build a privately funded border wall but siphoned off part of the donations for their personal benefit.

Representative Julie Frye-Mueller assisted their scam when she accepted a free trip from them to go to the border and then came home and publicized the organization to help solicit more donations. President Donald Trump disavowed the organization and it's project. If Frye-Mueller isn't astute enough to realize that giving her a free trip to the border misused donated funds and that she was assisting the scheme to defraud donors, she probably isn't astute enough deal with our state's important legislative business. There must be better candidates Senate District 30.

Mike Trier, Custer

Democracy implies accountability

To the editor,

Governor Noem downplays the importance of mandating masks during the greatest infectious disease crisis in a century but demands a barricade to prioritize her own safety. Just as incongruously, in the August 13 Journal article reporting this, Noem professes her great trust in South Dakotans. We see that trust made visible.

August 13 is also the date construction began on the Berlin Wall. Though the two do not have identical purposes, the bygone Iron Curtain and the powdered steel fences in fashion today both attest to the fear states have of their citizens. Insulation from the public, whether through physical barriers, lack of transparency, or force of arms, indicates a government whose popular appeal is on the decline. This matters in a democracy. No one is surprised that East Germany used such tactics, but we should worry when we see it in Pierre and Washington.

Our leaders need protection, but we should expect theirs in return. Democracy implies government accountability to us. We need only consider the coronavirus and Hideaway Hills debacles to see failures of that obligation at all levels.

A democracy that perceives a public threat while ignoring public responsibility is a government contemplating an identity change. Achtung!

Seth Thomas, Rapid City

Grateful for coverage

To the editor,

I want to applaud the Journal for your updates on the coronavirus. Without your continued reporting of COVID-19 and daily updates we might get complacent and think we don’t need to protect ourselves. So thank you rapid city journal for your great reporting of all the news you provide.

Arlen Janis, Rapid City

Only one stop?

To the editor,

The South Dakota Health Department announced that a person visited One Eyed Jacks during the Rally had Covid 19, and that people who visited One Eyed Jacks should monitor themselves for Covid.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

So this person that came to the Rally dropped into One Eyed Jacks and that was the only place in the Black Hills they went? Is the Governor attempting make a joke or does she believe that we citizens are dumb enough to believe that this person with Covid visited one bar and then when home never to return. That person had to have been transported down to One Eyed Jacks from the Enterprise.

Does the Governor really believe that by telling us about this one person visiting one place in the Black Hills during the rally of 250 thousand people that she is protecting us from this deadly virus. Sure most South Dakotans are as dumb as bricks anyway so with this warning about one person entering a bar in Sturgis we can now feel secure in the knowledge that you are doing your best to protect us, What a hoot.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

Time to say enough?

To the editor,

As President Trump gains control of YOUR government does that concern you? The virus is on his watch. limiting the post office delivery is too. Since you can only trust him, is he your Pied Piper? The party in power is headed toward oblivion, as feared. The next generation may have no choices at all. Isn't freedom the right to choose? Timely statistics show in 2019 1 in 12 persons were depressed. Today it's 1 in 3. Our disgraced President unbelievably was impeached only months ago. What we have is an angry man intent on payback. If we want to hold onto our democracy, do it. Free speech is endangered and free press is collapsing. Social security and health care are threatened. I don't believe that's what Republicans want. Unemployment, death, hopelessness cannot be our Republican's legacy. Mein Furor should still be synonymous with Hitler, not Trump. Wishing and hoping, and even praying won't retard freedom's destruction. As your friends, family, even acquaintances fill hospitals, when is the time to say ENOUGH? Democracy is already just a skeleton of our beloved constitution. Americans have lost their awareness when danger stares directly into our eyes.

David Lane, Rapid City

When will you wake up?

To all you Trump supporters: How many of you get your Social Security and pension checks by mail? How many receive and pay your bills by mail? Get your medications? Correspond with friends and family? Plan to vote by mail to avoid crowds in this pandemic?

Trump is deliberately destroying the US Postal Service to cripple mail-in voting, and he doesn't care at all if it harms you, his supporters. He claims without a shred of evidence that voting by mail is rigging the election (except in Florida for some reason) even though he himself has voted by mail many times.

It's probably too much to expect our slavish Governor and Senate and Congressional representatives to call Trump to account for his crimes, but when will you wake up to the harm he's doing to you and to all Americans?

Larry Zenor, Rapid City

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