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Letters to the editor, August 25, 2021

Letters to the editor, August 25, 2021


Letters to the editor, August 25, 2021

Governor Playing with fire

My home adjoins rugged Black Hills woodlands where bugs killed many trees. Many of the dead trees still stand and others are on the ground to protect from runoff on the steep hillsides. We have had several too dry years and even the live trees aren't safe from fire. Then think of the pine needles and dry scrub.

If our governor's home were in this area, I don't think she would be nearly so eager to have fire works. (The key word there is "fire".) We've seen too many big fires here and across the nation to want the potential for more devastation. Our firefighters already have too much to protect and have been unable to do enough controlled burns to relieve the pressure.

Why not use our tax money to provide help to our fire fighters instead of trying to provide us with more fire.

Carolyn Winkler, Custer

A dangerous environment

“CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.

We won the first battle of getting a vaccine but will lose the war due to political interference. It is like having a war where the enemy is bombing our cities at night and everyone is allowed to keep their shades open and all their lights on all night long.

The Rapid City School Board and the state of South Dakota is about to create a deadly environment for everyone who attends school and interacts with Students and School staff by opening up their schools without a mask mandate.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

Stand down

I repeatedly watched the Rapid City Journal video of what should have been a routine traffic stop by our police.

Non-working brake lights can cause a collision from the rear; driving without insurance is illegal, and no current registration simply means register the car. Enter stage right NDN CEO, Nick Tilsen. What concerns me and many others, is the danger the two law enforcement offices could have faced.

While doing their job, from behind them an SUV with tinted windows pulls up: cops have been killed in exactly this scenario, an ambush! Second, Mr. T leaps from his car and begins a profane rant, however had he been an inner city gang banger with weapons in hand, the two police officers could have died. Third, Mr. T continues his rant within inches of the officer’s face, prompting the officer to step back and put some distance between them.

After finishing the ticket, an NDN member says to them “This is why Dan Tiger did what he did” What did he do? He murdered in cold blood two RC police during a routine traffic stop! Warning our police of violence must not be allowed! They must not be told to stand down,

Eduardo Manzano, Rapid City

Serious consequence

People don’t believe they can be told what to do, even in a pandemic. To them, I ask, “We’re your parents able to tell you what to do?”

You answer, “Yes.” But now you are an adult and you are free of all that, you say.

But here’s the deal. The whole purpose of society allowing parents to tell children what they can and cannot do until they are 18 is to prepare them for similar do’s and don’ts when they are adults.

Agencies like government, workplace, and the military take the place of parents and enforce requirements like “You must pay taxes; you must show up to work unless you are sick; you must send your children to school for twelve years; you must serve in the military if drafted.”

Not only that, limits on personal freedom get much steeper during an epidemic, just like during a time of war.

Our institutions of learning have failed to teach several generations of Americans this simple truth: you don’t get everything you want in life. You don’t have the freedom to refuse a vaccine in an epidemic without serious consequence to you.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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