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Letters to the editor, August 31, 2022

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Letters to the editor, August 31, 2022

Appalled at new standards

As a classroom teacher and principal for over 40 years, I am appalled at the new proposed social studies standards. It is apparent this task force lacked people with backgrounds in foundations of education or child development.

The proposed standards should NOT be adopted! We could have used the well written first draft of the 2021 standards developed by 45 professional educators and historians that included a more in-depth study of our Native Nations. Instead, the Governor chose to hire an out-of-state facilitator to lead a new task force.

She hand-picked members for the task who agree with her political agenda, including her own staff who have no experience writing standards and religious private school leaders (who do not have to follow standards). As a result, they developed an imbalanced, unrealistic set of standards.She replaced, from Board of Education, an experienced educator who stressed that the process of standards revision was an educational process, should not be political. The Governor then replaced her with a person who has no teaching experience in K-12 schools.

Pretty strong indicator of a governor who does not value quality education. Contact BOE members. Do NOT accept this mockery of Social Studies Standards.

Kathie Tuntland, Sioux Falls

How legislation works

The Kent Bush editorial Aug. 27th titled “Situational fairness isn’t fair” is a perfect example of why taxpayers should not be expected to pay someone else’s student debt. I am not expressing “Faux” outrage but actual outrage at being lectured to by Mr.Bush who declares paying someone else’s student debt is quite acceptable because “That’s what we do as a society.” The sophomoric piece, not mentioning the legislative appropriations process, which totally escapes Mr. Bush.

Every law, yes law, Mr. Bush rants about, President Trump’s tax cuts for the rich (he had to interject that pointless, obligatory liberal talking point) tax laws, tax deductions and tax write offs were all laws passed through proper legislative process. Biden and editor Bush know full well this college loan forgiveness edict is unconstitutional and is an election year ploy by our “Dictatorial” President. “The President has no authority to forgive debt” as stated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I know it is a PBS cartoon but I would urge Mr. Bush to watch School House Rock “How a bill becomes a law.” Sometimes it is necessary to explain, with cartoonish clarity, how actual legislation works. Most of us learned about that in grade school.

Larry McIntyre, Custer

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