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Letters to the editor, August 4, 2021

Letters to the editor, August 4, 2021

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Letters to the editor, August 4. 2021

Fruits of propaganda

Christopher Rufo is a movie director distracting national attention from the incredible restart of Trump’s fight to be president after his hopelessly shambolic coup attempt, and from racial reckoning after George Floyd’s murder.

Rufo became famous arguing poverty is the fault of poor people, not the system, leading to unhappy employees leaking him clumsy, offensive “diversity trainings”, which segued to his learning about CRT, a previously-obscure academic argument that racism is a system problem more than a personality flaw. The Washington Post cites “Rufo… acknowledged … using [CRT] to describe a range of race-related topics … ‘we have successfully frozen their brand… steadily driving up negative perceptions…we will eventually turn it toxic….The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.’ ” In today’s Journal, we see fruits of that propaganda effort. A Rapid business owner sees CRT in a private grant for a jail diversion program, seems a stretch. A state senator cites a student of color finding comfort at the “college diversity center” as urgent cause to get those feelings of family under control, by giving the school board a CRT search and destroy mission. Off target, not helpful.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

Is it ignorance?

The National Center for Education Statistics ranked South Dakota 50th in the nation for teacher salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked South Dakota nurses salaries 50th in the nation. Governor Kristi Noem tweeted on June 11 that, "South Dakota has the strongest economy in America!"

What is her explanation for why the people who educate our children and take care of our sick are paid the least amount of any state in America? Either Governor Noem is ignorant of the facts or she has another reason for making such a flagrantly incorrect statement.

Rodney Lefholz, Rapid City

Thanks for investing

Want to thank Ryan McFarland CEO of Strider Bikes for donating $100,000 to the city to develop a Strider Bike playground over by Robbinsdale Park. You can bet no other organization here donates for their own place to be built. They expect the city (taxpayers) to do it all.

Sheila Hunsucker, Rapid City

It is time for Palin/Noem

It would appear that you Democrats have given up on the BIDEN/HARRIS administration. I would suppose that the letters 7/21/21 paper have agreed that the present administration has no clue what is happening in the world and thus will be ceremoniously removed from office in 2024. I would suggest that a dictatorship exists when you have two people, (president and vice president) only say what they are told (or read the teleprompter) because they are only puppets of a radical wing of a political party. The Biden/Harris administration has failed even the most rabid letter writers for the Dems in the RC Journal. Their letters today were hilarious. If you can't see the fear of these guys that the Repubs will win in 2024 (and 2022), you're just dreaming. Any team this far removed from reality doesn't stand a chance. So let's stand up and be counted: a Sarah Palin/Kristi Noem ticket would blow them out of the water!

David C. Olson, Sr., Rapid City

Issues need to be cleared up

I love my country even if I see issues that need to be addressed, and most Americans would likely agree with me. However, some of these issues need to be seen clearly. First, the January 6 attack on the Capital building in D.C. was an attempted coup and those who directed and participated in this violence are not patriots but terrorists. This was an attack against our country, elections, and democracy. Second, Biden won the 2020 presidential election in a fair and almost entirely fraud-free election. Trump speaks the Big Lie. Third, many states have passed new legislation about their elections; this is fine but if these new laws actually reduce voter access or restrict voting rights unfairly then these laws, these actions, work against our democracy. Fourth, Covid is not a hoax. And while people have the right to refuse the vaccine, they do not have the right to then get sick and pass the Covid virus to other people or to give the virus time to mutate. Would we feel the same about sharing the plague, smallpox, or polio? If we want to get past the virus and live normal lives again, most Americans should take the vaccine.

David Heikes, Rapid City

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