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Letters to the editor, August 6, 2022

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Letters to the editor, August 6, 2022

Dusty's dilemma

Dusty Johnson was elated in a recent town hall call when 83% of respondents agreed with him against Chinese ownership of land in the U.S. Yet, not long ago, when 83% of American and S.D. voters as a whole felt U.S. women had the right to decide with their doctor on abortion, Dusty stayed on the side of the minority hoping for a reversal from an ultra-conservative Supreme Court. They ruled against abortion rights, regretfully.

Justice Thomas, (echoing thoughts of other conservative Supreme Court judges) said other "established Rights" like contraception and gay marriage, should be taken away as well.

Now, Dusty runs around claiming to have knowledge that these rights won't be threatened by the SCOTUS (I'm sure they have privately reassured him of this!)

Like the dog that caught the car it was barking at for so long, this Republican Party doesn't know what to do with the court's ruling they've salivated after for 50 years!

Jake Kammerer, Silver City

More RINO propaganda

I see Sen. Lee Schoenbeck is pushing deeper West River to promote the RINO propaganda he and his master Governor Kristi Noem depend on to deceive people about their liberal policies.

Of course, RINOs are never content in just voting for Democrat policies and positions. No, they have to smear real conservatives and Republicans, because it's the only way they can hope to keep fooling people.

Schoenbeck and leftist "Republicans" like himself depend on people not watching what they do in Pierre. They need slanted scorecards like "Elevate Rapid City" which is not a free market organization, but rather a crony capitalist outfit that's more interested in government favors and taxpayer largess than in free market policies.

Some 17 years or so ago, I was told Schoenbeck was a great conservative. I believed it at first, until I got to know his voting record and how often he embraces the positions of the Democrat Party. I recall how amazed he pretended to be when I believed by "lyin' eyes" over his propaganda.

Don't believe Schoenbeck. He's every bit the leftist we've known for decades has been rotting this great state and nation from within. Don't let him get away with it.

Bob Ellis, Rapid City

The parties both need a change

Afghans' inability to unite against their despised minority Taliban cost their democracy.

Joe Biden’s least bad choice was to honor our prior agreement to stop fighting. Worldwide, people hoarded cash as covid peaked, while China locked down and cut production, while oil demand dropped then spiked, so inflation hit the whole world. Current American politics credits or blames the president for the economy, regardless he doesn’t command it. Republican senators recently negotiating with Biden publicly called him “sharp” and “well-briefed".

Trump’s ugly trajectory includes dishonest business dealings, evading estate tax, refusing to pay contractors and creditors.

He lost millions in casinos and resorts, either tax evasion schemes or plain incompetence. “Reality” TV temporarily rescued Trump’s finances, until audience interest understandably dwindled. Politics as monetizable lifeline appeared, trolling both liberals and Republicans less self-interested, more public spirited than himself. When Americans failed to unite against him, we survived 4 years with minority MAGA holding the Executive Branch, capped by his blatant coup attempt, newly documented by the Jan 6 committee.

A 2024 Biden-Trump rematch looks as popular as 2016’s predicted Clinton-Bush race. We need a younger centrist Democrat vs a Republican interested in stability and prosperity, not his personal finances and ego.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

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