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Letters to the editor, Feb. 19, 2022

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Letters to the editor, Feb. 19, 2022

We don't need a Convention of States

Some pollsters are like snake oil salesmen. They manipulate any question to achieve their targeted outcome.

Take, for example, the group Convention of States (COS). Are their polls asking, “Do you support putting fiscal restraints on the federal government?” Or, “Limiting its power?” Who wouldn’t agree with that? But their solution is to change the Constitution, pass a few amendments, and—voila! They believe all those goals would be accomplished! All the corruption would magically disappear, and the debt would supernaturally vanish. Sounds like pie-in-the-sky.

But, limiting the federal government is what the Constitution already does. The Constitution is not the problem. The problem is lawmakers who do not obey the Constitution.

Do these pollsters mention that a convention would put our Constitution on the chopping block to do whatever unelected delegates and high-pressure special interests desire? COS has already revealed its goal to “clarify” the second amendment. Some COS “salesmen” have advocated eliminating the Electoral College. A COS board member has already written a new constitution.

We as voters have the responsibility to study the Constitution and demand that our lawmakers obey it as their oath of office commands. And we must insist no tinkering with the Constitution.

Linda Schauer

State Director

Concerned Women for America of SD

Leola, SD

Bizarre and predictable

When the world seems upside down, bizarre behavior from state legislators is reassuringly predictable. Representative Phil Jensen wanted not only to reenforce existing authority for doctors with outlying opinions to prescribe ivermectin off-label against covid, a drug excellent for parasites but toxic in concentrations high enough to effect viruses, but he also offered oddly worded authority for “medical professionals to dispense” ivermectin “without a prior prescription.” Was he referring to dispensing pharmacists as “medical professionals”, or just tossing vaguely worded “red meat”, meaningless in practice, but rich in popular grievance, triggering baseless accusations that reserving ivermectin for safe and effective uses is “political”? That turns the case upside down. Using ivermectin against current science, deploying populist arguments, is political. Unnamed persons are accused of financial gain discouraging ivermectin for covid, appropriately unnamed because they don’t exist. Doctors aren’t paid according to what they prescribe. They are, however, paid by encounters. One could generate many encounters offering the popular RX of the week, a quick, easy, false solution to covid. The manufacturer of ivermectin confirms despite widespread use, there’s no evidence for safe effective use for covid, regardless of potential profit. The quickest, easiest, safest response remains approved vaccine.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

Putin acting like Hitler

The recent actions of Russia under its leader Putin are very reminiscent of the behavior of Hitler in the last century. Hitler annexed Austria, invaded the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, and Poland using terrible pretexts, then invaded France and the Low Countries. Putin already has taken over the Crimea using Hitler-like excuses, and God forbid may go on to invade the rest of Ukraine. Putin, like Hitler, tries to insist that it is the fault of countries such as Ukraine that they are getting invaded.

Robert Akerson, Rapid City

Action needed now

Before another tragedy strikes, the Senate must confirm the nomination of distinguished scholar, Professor Deborah Lipstadt, as Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism. This long-overdue appointment is critical in view of the alarming rise in antisemitic incidents and hate crimes.

ADL tracked an 84 percent increase in antisemitic incidents in the Midwest in the last five years. Most troubling, since 2018 we have seen a 55 percent increase in antisemitic incidents in K-12 schools in the region compared to a 19 percent increase nationwide. Kids are experimenting with hate and antisemitism more than ever – and we need to respond.

Hate and bigotry are on the rise yet the highest-ranking US Government post on antisemitism sits empty. The Senate must confirm Dr. Lipstadt now.

Senators Thune and Rounds, this situation is urgent. Dr. Lipstadt has dedicated her life to combating and exposing Holocaust denial and antisemitism. She is the world’s leading historian and educator on antisemitism, and she is eminently qualified for the position of Special Envoy. Any delay in her confirmation ensures that antisemitic incidents and hate crimes will persist and continue their unprecedented escalation.

Frances H. Krasnow, Board Chair, ADL Midwest

Same old, Same old

The info on covid relief that I receive from the news media (not social networks) once again, incriminates the wealthy. Evidently, 80% of the trillion dollars earmarked for "covid relief" went to the usual "economic high end" folks. In other words; the rich got a lot and the little guys got a little. Same ole story. Remember the bank bailout of 2008, almost a trillion went their way also. Where are the Franklin Roosevelts and Dwight Eisenhowers of today?

There ain't none. Our country has become an Oligarchy with no political opposition (neither left nor right). Donald Trump got elected on the promise of putting an end to this tyrannical disorder. Remember "Drain the swamp", it soon was exposed as pure bunkum or what the Irish call "blarney."

Under Trump, the swamp denizens dined "higher on the hog" than ever before. Geez, he was actually one of the worst swamp dwellers of all. Anyway, the man came off as a "pathological" lying mob boss. He really did have a chance to straighten out this mess but was either too ignorant or (more than likely) couldn't care less. His harm to the country was welcomed by the Oligarchs as they got a stronger hold than ever because of his bungling. Much more to say.

Dave Freytag, Rapid City


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