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Letters to the editor, February 12, 2021

Letters to the editor, February 12, 2021

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Letters to the editor, February 12, 2021

Not so Super Bowl

Superbowl 55? Phooy! I have watched a better class of football on the highschool fields of the old Black Hills League of the 1940s! And that half-time show? I see far better entertainment on Svengooly on METV!

Lowell Holmgren

RCHS Class of 1949

Democrats of South Dakota

What has happened to the Democrat Party in the state of South Dakota? The party which sent to the US Senate people such as Tom Daschle, George McGovern, Tim Johnson and Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin?

We seldom see even a mention of any Democrat running for office, local or national.

Are we Democrats in fear of identifying with a liberal party? Are we in fear of voting for a person that may lose? Are we in fear of winning? Just what is it we are afraid of?

In the shenanigans over the past four years, we have seen crimes committed, big lies perpetuated, and mass political surrender to a egotist that has no concern for the well being of this state or any state. Most Republican politicians across this nation cowered in political fear of standing up for what was best for the nation, putting political career above national needs.

Now is the time to take action. If not we could very well lose Congress in the next election which would mean we could lose everything we may gain under President Biden.

What will you do to help preserve our Republic? Take action or let Republicans.

Stanley Hutchinson, Box Elder

The will of the people

Once more, the governing party in our state is going against the will of South Dakota's voters. It's become quite clear that the passing of ballot measures holds no governmental power in South Dakota unless it conforms to the will of the GOP which has a stranglehold on all of our governing bodies as well as the legal issues put to public vote. This is Democracy at it's poorest version. In fact, it's become the very definition of "authoritarian" one party rule. Are we to accept that our ballot measures can be overridden by changing the rules after the vote has been taken? This should never happen but it does. It is a "bad faith" tactic used to delay or even completely undermine the will of the voting public. If a ballot measure's merit or technicality is in question, it should never be put to a vote until the proper ballot criteria is met. Is it just incompetence that's causing these expensive procedural mistakes or is it by plan? Until we vote back in a two party system, this will continue.

Dave Freytag, Rapid City

History is watching

Senators Thune and Rounds, The House Impeachment Managers overwhelming made their case that former-President Trump is guilty of an impeachable offense and should be found guilty. Please do not argue that since he is out of office he cannot be tried –that is a lie. I reviewed your Oath of Office which clearly states you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same... The same oath I took during my 20 years of military service. I served in Vietnam and spent time on SAC nuclear alert – which meant I might forfeit my life in upholding my oath to this country. No one is asking you to forfeit your life but we are asking you to defend the Constitution. This may require angering your constitutions and risk your re-election but this does not justify your failure in full filling the obligations of your oath. In the end, you will have to prove whether you are a “Patriot” by voting to convict or a “Traitor” by voting to acquit Donald J. Trump. History will record your choice.

Thomas Bass, Piedmont

Republican sheep

The impeachment trial is now being held for former President Trump. All across the media, we hear it's a forgone conclusion, Trump will not be convicted. Trial by press? Trial by media? Nonsense, that's not the American way. Surely, the Republicans don't want to be labeled as all good sheep. Americans believe in fair trials by a jury of our peers. Let's back up then. Let's all listen and analyze the trial information. Information, facts, not opinions. Let's assume the senators as jurors are impartial , not biased, not blinded by labels and unthinking followers. Republicans seem to be proud to label themselves as law and order supporters. Now then is the time for them to show their allegiance. Allegiance to facts not unquestioning blind loyalty. Will it be loyalty to the law or loyalty to party pressure? Senators Thune and Rounds examine the facts, examine your conscience and examine your courage.

Donna Robinson, Rapid City

Something to remember

The governor needs to keep in mind that only 51% (172,8940) eligible voters voted for her in her narrow win for governor in 2018; 54% (225,263) voted for legalization of marijuana in 2020. She can’t accept one outcome and reject the other. Her stance is not one of a moral or ethical reason to fight the will of the people. This is purely political and all about her image and her desire to run for national office. The voters have spoken.

Marcia Fossum, Sioux Falls

FreedomFest leaves Las Vegas

FreedomFest’s libertarian frolic abandons repressive Las Vegas for mask-optional free-range SoDak. Who isn’t for freedom? What’s to dislike about open minds, listening without labeling? Sounds good, until you recall “freedom and liberty” are reduced to labels by libertarians, who campaign to impose their agenda on government, thence everybody. Libertarians label opponents “collectivists”, seeking benefits based on identity, and themselves “individualists”, interacting with others, or not, as they choose. I consider my people “the reality-based community”. We acknowledge humans have always lived in communities. No man, or woman, is an island, at least not for long. It’s normal to identify with groups, and promote the interest of yours within larger society. It’s twisted that groups with successful businesses or secure high paying jobs, who may oppose taxes and regulation cutting into maximum wealth, downplay government’s role creating and maintaining the environment in which they thrive, sparing them the feudal anarchy that’s the logical endpoint of libertarianism. Reviewing FreedomFest’s website, it looks like we’ll host another gathering of covid deniers and mask skeptics, just before the next Sturgis rally, lucky if only children and vaccine resisters remain unvaccinated. Celebrating freedom to worsen the waning days of a pandemic, will they dodge responsibility?

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

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