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Letters to the editor, February 13, 2021

Letters to the editor, February 13, 2021

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Letters to the editor, February 13, 2021

Deeply flawed arguments

Mask opponents argue that “masks don’t work.” Masks can only be fully effective if everyone wears them. Otherwise, non-wearers can still transmit the virus and infect others. Hospital operating rooms, among other examples, prove that masks work.

Some claim “it’s all a hoax.” This would require a massive, nationwide plot to falsify the data. Everyone who works with the coronavirus at institutions around the country would have to agree to knowingly report false information. They would have to coordinate the false data, maintain absolute secrecy, keep it going for months, and do all this with no apparent motive. It is beyond belief.

Others say that “freedom means not having to wear a mask.” Freedom never justifies needlessly harming others or risking lives. On the contrary, our Constitution explicitly seeks to promote the general welfare and the common good. Refusing to wear a mask during a pandemic creates a deadly threat to the common good, with no benefit in return. It is a perfect example of needless harm. No one ever fought and died in battle to defend such behavior.

Let us not be guided by these deeply flawed arguments against masks.

Patricia Howland, Rapid City

Not our government, not our people

Home rule proponents claim this is what our citizens want, but the truth is – the Home Rule charter was made by people that don’t even live here. In fact, the facilitator Helen Usera during her time heading up this group to give us “what we wanted” moved to Abilene, Texas; while another Home Rule committee member lives in Meade County; and our Mayor, who started this group, bought property just down the road from the Meade County member in Piedmont.

This isn’t coming from the people, this is coming from the career politicians – looking for more power and money. If this is truly what the people of Rapid City want – let this come from the people, not some politician’s think-tank.

Connie Fenenga

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