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Letters to the editor, February 20, 2021

Letters to the editor, February 20, 2021


Letters to the editor, February 20, 2021

Equality of Opportunity

One of the most important foundations of this country has always been that we all have (or should have) equality of opportunity. Because we all have different God-given gifts (or lack thereof), equality of opportunity rarely results in equality of outcome. Equality of outcome has recently become “equity.” In Utopia, equality of opportunity and equality of outcome (or equity) should be approximately equal.

Life shows us this is not the case: I’m a white, six-foot male who will never (ever!) dunk a basketball. In fact, the NBA shows us that the concept of equity doesn’t hold in the real world (no matter what some wish us to believe). All we can hope for is equality of opportunity to do as much as we can (or wish to attempt) in life.

If equity results, that is the cherry on the ice cream sundae, but should never be the expectation. If our children are brought up to expect equity, they will be sorely disappointed. If they are brought up to expect equality of opportunity, won’t they be flabbergasted (Gob smacked, or whatever) when (or if) they actually achieve equity? Which outcome do we wish for our progeny?

Marshall Miller, Piedmont

Dodging a vote

South Dakota Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds’ position is that the Senate cannot try and convict someone who is no longer an elected official. A cynical individual might suspect that this is just a dodge to avoid having to vote, in the face of overwhelming evidence, to convict Donald Trump for inciting a violent insurrection in which several people were killed, including police officers. I have a way out of the Senators’ moral dilemma – if they truly believe the trial is unconstitutional, they should refrain from voting. Any vote, either guilty or not guilty, is participation in what to them is an illegal proceeding. We would not want them to violate their moral sensibilities, unless, of course, their stance is, as put forth above, a dodge to weasel out of a ethically and legally correct but politically uncomfortable position.

Bob Wilson, Spearfish

No need to start from scratch

Thirty three states allow medical marijuana to be prescribed and sold by dispensers, just as any other prescription drug. These thirty three state legislatures and governors already have regulation, taxation and law enforcement issues resolved and have needed regulations and statutes in place and functioning. Our legislature and governor need not start from scratch as they have easy access to all these 33 state laws and regulations to draw from while developing ours. Easier yet is to regulate marijuana based medicines, using very similar language, as we currently use to regulate all the other prescription medicines.

Our Senate Majority Leader, Gary Canmack, and House Majority Leader, Kent Peterson both said, “they are committed to honoring the voters wishes” that being to legalize medical marijuana and implement the measure by 1 July, 2021“.

All the governor’s and legislative rhetoric about needing months or even a year to develop regulations can only indicate that either they lack the cognitive ability needed for the task or in fact they are resorting to subvert the will of the people by denying their real intentions, deflecting all criticism and delaying implementation of initiated Measure 26 as approved by South Dakota voters.

Lou Leahy, Spearfish

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