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Letters to the editor, July 10, 2021

Letters to the editor, July 10, 2021

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Letters to the editor, July 10, 2021

America is the greatest

Reading the July 3, 2021 "Letters to the editor" was full of exaggeration, outlandish opinion, strawman arguments and emotion but no facts!

Americans have been very diverse in electing congressional representatives these past 20 years!

Two recent articles state these historic increases: and -- Minorities elected to Congress have increased representation 97% from the 107th Congress to the 117th Congress. 124 lawmakers identify as minority which almost double the 63 lawmakers in 2001. Each ethnicity has increased by at least 75%. Women representation has increased 50% in the last 10 years. There are currently 144 women lawmakers compared to 96.

Didn't America elect its first minority President and current Vice-President in the last 20 years as well?

Please stop with the emotional diatribes that elections are unfair, states are tightening rules and provide more facts and proof! Verifying one's identity as they vote is a legitimate request. Just as one needs identification for other life events.

America is still the greatest Democratic Republic on the planet!

Robert Steffy, Rapid City

Address the actual problem

The article in the Thursday June 24, 2021 edition about local opposition to the proposed uranium mining process and its effect on the water tables included a response from Dewey-Burdock Project Manager Mark Hollenbeck. His charge that the environmental groups should not be opposed to the 'only large scale, carbon-free system for electricity we have' is an egregious use of the 'straw man' debate tactic and fallacy. These people are against the method the company plans to use in extracting the uranium, and the damage that would do to the water supply and ground water. This in no way refers to the actual process of nuclear energy. He should be required to address the actual problem and concerns.

Patricia Wallace, Livingston, Tex.

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