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Letters to the editor, July 18, 2020

Letters to the editor, July 18, 2020


Letters to the editor, July 18, 2020

We need a change

To the editor,

As an Army Veteran and a paid member of the American Legion Post 22 Rapid City, I would like to endorse Joe Biden for President. Also we know he is going to pick a woman for Vice President, and he has a lot of choices.

Are you tired of fake news, and hearing that the press is the enemy of the people?

We all have the right to Freedom of the Press, Religion, Right to Vote, and also Vote by mail and absentee ballot and vote early and we need to end restricting and gerrymandering. We also need to put a limit on campaign contributions and also the abuse of Citizens' United. We need to reform police departments and stop the violence and all races and minorities need to have the right to vote. We need to get big money out of politics.

Any President running for election Democrat or Republican or Independent needs to provide their taxes before running for office. As an over the road Commercial Truck Driver who ran 48 states and three Canadian Provinces for several companies as an Owner Operator 15 years, Union Driver 12 years, 16 years as Company Driver, and a total of around 5,000,000 miles. All truck drivers are required to have necessary credentials for hazmat endorsements on license, and also endorsements for doubles and 53-foot trailers. We need to respect our military veterans who served whether they were African American or any other minority that were not allowed to vote until 1965 but served in the military.

We need to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. All people need health insurance whether it is by the company or the government whether it is Medicare, the VA, or Veteran's Association. My commander-in-chief was John F. Kennedy who asked, "What You Can Do For Your Country, Not What Your Country Can Do For You." He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 who was assassinated by Jack Ruby two days later in Dallas, Texas while I was on active duty at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippine Islands for 18 months.

Yours Truly Dennis Littel

Army Veteran Active as a Member of Post 22

Thanks Dusty...

To the editor,

As a senior in his upper 70's, even though I do not have any known additional health risks, I am a person at high risk for COVID-19. As I watched the July 3rd celebration at Mount Rushmore I was pleased to see Rep. Dusty Johnson wearing his face mask. For Dusty, it was not a political statement. What his mask wearing said to me was that he cares very much about the health concerns of seniors and people with underlying conditions.

For our States two Senators and Governor not wearing a mask was a political statement. Gov. Kristey Noem, in lock step with the President, never spoke of or demonstrated any health concern for others. Senator Thune and Senator Rounds were briefly seen wearing a face mask, but put their face mask in their pocket for the two hours they were in the company of the President.

I do believe that both of our SD Senators care about us senior citizens, but at Mount Rushmore politics "Trumped" that concern.

Some say that any politician can be bought for the right price. On July 3rd three of our states highest ranking political servants were bought, and we seniors and people with underlying health conditions may pay the price.

Thanks Rep. Dusty Johnson for standing strong and leaving no doubt in our minds as for whom you represent.

Larry Peterson, Custer

This shouldn't be political

To the editor,

Watching other Nations' response to the pandemic, it's clear that nationally coordinated, science-based action has greatly reduced deaths and economic hardship. As expected, large-scale viral testing, rigorous contact tracing, and quarantine (supplemented by social distancing and masks) have proved to be very effective measures. When citizens of countries with such programs contrast their experience with that of the US, I doubt that many of them feel that their personal freedoms have been inappropriately or permanently threatened by public health measures which have so obviously saved many more lives and livelihoods.

Perhaps, we'll learn from this that denying or minimizing risks on the basis of false bravado, or anti-scientific hunches (often spread by poorly informed media figures), or the wish not to disturb our present routines have been costly and short-sided choices. We can hope that this lesson about facing reality responsibly can transform the way our nation responds to two much more threatening current crises, including human-caused climate disruption and entrenched social/racial/economic injustice.

It's unfortunate that such issues have become politicized. This obscures their real significance, namely, whether or not we provide coming generations an equitable, livable, and safe future.

Don Kelley, Deadwood

Voters won't like "new" Democrats

To the editor,

Type Your Letter Capitalism versus Socialism.. You do not have to like President Trump's personality to appreciate his accomplishments.

Great Cabinet---with Experience and Integrity. Do you want Law and Order or Mob Rule and Destruction? Seriously, that is your choice in the November election..

Believe Democrats when they tell you they will raise your taxes a LOT, adopt the Green New Deal and give Citizenship and Social Security to "illegals." That will bankrupt Social Security for all including you.

A Republican President, Senate and House will ensure law and order.

Stop being hypnotized by the News Media. Voters will not like being ruled by the "new" Democrats, not the same Democrat Party many of you have loved. All of us will have a lower Standard of Living. You will not have enough after-tax dollars to afford your current Standard of Living. Financial Markets (Stocks and Bonds) will crash including your Retirement funds. The Financial Markets will negatively impact the Real Estate Markets. You will "feel" the pain of The Domino Effect. One Wall Street Firm estimates at least a 25 percent crash.

Edie Boulter,

Retired Financial Advisor (Stockbroker).

Piper Jaffary 28 years and UBS 3 years.

Graduated from the University of Colorado with Business degree.

Think of others when you vote

To the editor,

I vividly remember the years of agony my mother had to endure as she slowly succumbed to her medical problems.

To combat her pain from vascular issues and an amputation of one leg, her physicians prescribed everything from Tylenol to opioids to morphine.

Due to those pain medications, she said foods she'd previously enjoyed now tasted undesirably metallic.

In sometimes unbearable pain and with almost no appetite, she ended up weighing significantly less than a hundred pounds when she passed away.

Having had a front row seat to my mother's suffering, and having thoroughly studied the issue, I have concluded that she should've been able to legally access edible marijuana products. Medical marijuana could have lessened her pain and given her the appetite her doctors so desperately wanted her to have.

Opponents of the measure on the ballot this November to allow medical marijuana will, in the coming months, do their best to persuade you that you should vote no.

Please understand that it could easily be your loved one who may need this lifeline in the dark hours of their own medical battle.

For everyone's sake, I'm hopeful that you'll vote for compassion for others, yourself, and your family.

Jerry Munson, Rapid City

Virus coincidentally a plus for Conservatism

To the editor,

The world wide covid virus, like many other diseases, disproportionally affects the less well to do for obvious reasons. This fact may politically influence how seriously we take the threat that the virus carries. While it's a fact that the virus has varied effects within similar groups, generally certain groups have greater susceptibility due to their environment. That's why quarantine has effectiveness. Nationally, opening schools and non essential business too soon proves counterproductive in subduing the virus as well as in settling financial fears.

When Trump proclaims "if schools aren't open, states will lose federal money", is the groundwork for private schooling being laid? If the public school loses its funds will the private ones finally get what they want? It seems to me that throughout this pandemic, political conservative interests take precedence over common sense and scientific data as per usual. If this "let em eat cake" attitude continues then we are in for an even rougher ride to come. I hope we don't continue this cycle of "getting what we always got" because of political failure again. Are we blaming China and not zealously fighting this virus because of someone's opportunistic perception of a silver lining?

Dave Freytag, Rapid City

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