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Letters to the editor, July 31, 2020

Letters to the editor, July 31, 2020


Letters to the editor, July 31, 2020

Opening schools is irresponsible

To the editor,


Type Your Letter Respectfully, Gov. Noem's thinking about science considerations making a case for not having children returning to school wear masks is pathetically sappy, criminally irresponsible, and resoundingly shows an inability to think scientifically.

The greatest resource you have in South Dakota is you children. If something is not proven scientifically, that hardly means famn the torpedoes and experiment with the lives of your children.

What's being skipped, and faked out, is the idea that you would go forward with opening schools during the first wave of the pandemic. News of advances in vaccines clearly show that the rollout to all of a vaccine within 6 months time is likely.

So, what would possibly justify losing the additional lives of many in some misguided move to assert messed up political and social ideals?

Perhaps if Gov, Norm considered she could be criminally prosecutable for unnecessary loss of lives, she would opt for complete public health safety. Apparently, she completely lacks the moral compass to value human lives over politics or economics. Sadly, that is already living in he'll, forget what will happen upon her own death.

Gary Hill, Lompoc, Cal.

Take responsibility

To the editor,

Holster Your Lethal Weapons

The Covid 19 pandemic is a bad deal for America. It has killed almost 1 in 2,000 of us. You may not know any of them, but they are dead anyway. The coronavirus has killed much of our economy, too. You may not know any of the millions who have been hurt, but they are suffering, nonetheless.

Want this nightmare to go away? We have only three options: await an effective vaccine (will take several months, at least), hope for a drug cure (nothing in sight) or change our behaviors (like right now).

Everyone must assume they are infected, that they carry a lethal weapon in their noses and mouths. So, don’t be a killer. Mask up! Not bandana up or chin strap up, but mask up over nose and mouth.

Since normalizing our economy is in the national interest, it is our patriotic duty, Democrats, Republicans, and others alike, to do our part to get things going again. Let’s put our big boy and big girl pants on and take responsibility for controlling the pandemic ourselves—by wearing effective masks, practicing social distancing, washing our hands frequently, quarantining when necessary, and cooperating with contact tracers.

Kenneth Vogele, Rapid City

The chickens and the eggs

To the editor,

I have been waiting for years for this to pass. Being able to have fresh eggs would be the best. I have had chickens in the past and know they do take work.

Winters they need even more work. But they are awesome pets, eat bugs, and provide food!! If your against, just don’t get any.

Please pass this for those who do want them!

Brenda Rankin, Rapid City

How can this happen?

To the editor,

I've just got a question about the Sturgis Rally. How can eight people on the City Council decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of people that will be attending the Rally in August?

The Coronavirus isn't getting better, its getting much worse. Across the nation big sporting events are being cancelled. Many major league teams have discontinued their season. Major stock cars races are being held with absolutely no one in the stands. Summer festivals even in South Dakota have been cancelled due to the virus.

Hills Alive has been cancelled for the year, along with Spearfish in the park. If churches are holding their services they're limited to social distancing, and number of people. People in assisted living and nursing homes do not allow visitors due to Covid. The CDC recommends masks in large crowds, social distancing and sanitizer, and the washing of hands. Does anyone believe the bikers will comply with these recommendations? My question again is how can the City of Sturgis condone this terrific misconduct?

I believe Gov. Kristi Noem should sign an order for this too discontinue for 2020.

Please someone answer my original question.

Gary Steinlicht, Sturgis

Benefits are expiring

To the editor,

The CARES Bill that provides income and mortgage foreclosure protection during the pandemic expires this weekend. The Democrats in the House passed their CARES 2 Bill with the HEROS Bill on May 15, 2020.

The Senate Republicans have had two (2) months to pass their own version of CARES 2. Mitch McConnell on Friday announced that it will take “weeks” to get a Republican CARES Bill 2 due to intraparty fighting; and then the Senators left Washington for the weekend. This means that over 25 million real Americans receiving benefits from the CARES ACT will lose both income protection and housing security this week.

The major sticking point for Republican Senators is the $600 additional unemployment benefits for those affected by the pandemic. Sen. John Kennedy (Republican-Louisiana) accused these 25 million real Americans of just wanting “to stay home and watch Netflix.” The unemployed want to go back to work but need dependable childcare and reasonable assurances that employers/customers will take every precaution to protect their health/lives.

Maybe the taxpayers should take money away from the Senators whom they elect and pay. Senators are acting like part-time, responsibility-shirking employees. Wonder what the Senators are watching on Netflix this weekend?

Edna McDermott, Newell

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