Letters to the editor, June 12, 2020

Letters to the editor, June 12, 2020


Letters to the editor, June 12, 2020

Everyone is equal

To the editor,

I am a white Irish descendant. When I was 6 years old, in elementary school, I loved recess. I loved playing with all kinds of children on the playground. All races, colors, and special needs children.

My mother was asked to come in for a conference. My teacher said 'Sheri needs to play with her own kind'. Mother replied to her that 'her child wasn't raised that way'.

I was so happy that she had stood up for me. She said "I could play with anyone I wanted'. 'Everyone is equal'. I asked what my teacher was talking about. I didn't understand, I was confused. Who was her kind of people?

I passed these beliefs and lessons onto my young son. Why won't people understand that racism and prejudice start at home. I am so grateful how my parents raised me. Pass this on.

Sherilyn Lane, Rapid City

Please wear masks

To the editor,

As a person at high risk of dying if I become sick with Covid 19, because of my age and having asthma, I hope everyone will start wearing masks at all businesses in Rapid City. Customers should also use that precaution for my and everyone's health in our community. My studying epidemiology when earning a degree in Maternal and Child Health and seeing the recent research videos of the aerosol dispersion of droplets and mist from coughing and sneezing makes me know the great protection from the simple measure of wearing a cloth mask.

There are many individuals whose life you may save including people on immuno-therapy for cancer, smokers, those highly overweight, diabetics, those with heart disease, the elderly and many others with high risk conditions. These make up likely over a third of the adults in our city. And Covid 19 cases and deaths are still increasing in Rapid City so we must not make the mistake of thinking "Mission Accomplished" yet.

Willis Sutliff retired Pediatrician, Rapid City

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