Letters to the editor, June 20, 2020

Letters to the editor, June 20, 2020


Letters to the editor, June 20, 2020

Protests are valuable

To the editor,

My daughter asked me to accompany her to one of the Black Lives Matter protests. I joined her and received a valuable education.

These kids are passionate and standing up for what they believe in which is not an easy task. They are yelled at by adults telling them they are stupid, they aren't black, profanities are hurled at them. They keep marching, keep chanting for they know they are on the right side of history.

We have been here before and yet we still keep repeating the pattern. I was not around when slavery existed. I can make the age old argument I am not responsible for this atrocity. Which would be true. The prevalent question though is what will I do now? What will I do to right this wrong of oppression that has continued to exist all because of someone's skin color? Will I idly stand by and say nothing? Silence is an act of complicity. I choose to no longer be silent.

All lives do matter, however, until we accept that we persecute people based on the color of their skin there will be no peace.

Debbie Erickson, Rapid City


To the editor,

1) Rapid City can be proud of its police force. During my 50 plus years here (admittedly, always wearing white skin), I have never witnessed lack of professionalism and courtesy - sometimes under very trying conditions. It all starts with tremendous leadership at the top.

2) Any persons flaunting Confederate paraphernalia at recent South Dakota protests automatically brand themselves as racist idiots. (Note: Often stereotyping proves correct.)

3) Am embarrassed to admit that I held similar views about the town of Gettysburg, SD until - thanks ironically to a vitriolic June 13 letter writer - I realized the town was named to commemorate the turning point of the Civil War. Duh! From what I can tell, the flags on the police insignias merely depict the historic combatants, rather than glorifying the CSA.

4) Is it part of the politically correct DNA to see - frequently unjustly so - hatred (and worse) in anyone who disagrees with them? Perhaps this misperception stems from staring in the mirror too often.

5) Any office pools going with respect to predicting how many years (months) before slaveowners Washington and Jefferson get chiseled off Mt. Rushmore?

Kent Hartman, Rapid City

Cancel the fireworks

To the editor,

Fireworks at Mt. Rushmore is the equivalent of throwing a Molotov cocktail into the Smithsonian. You don’t risk burning a national treasure just to get a photo op. Please protect Rushmore—Cancel the fireworks!

L.A. Borella, MD, Rapid City

Hoping cooler heads prevail

To the editor,

The torturous death, of American George Floyd, was incomprehensible, and senseless. However, should an entire populous of people be punished for the inexcusable actions of others, within that group? I certainly don't think so. If, or should I say when, we, as Americans, decide to punish all Law Enforcement personnel, for the unforgivable actions of some of their group, we will be guilty of the same things we, as Americans, have fought against so many years. By punishing all of Law Enforcement, for the crimes of some of Law Enforcement, we will be setting a dangerous precedent. How many more groups of people will we punish having some bad apples? Why stop with groups of people? Maybe we should start killing entire species' of sharks, because some of that species kills people. I could go on, but I think my message is clear. Punishing an entire group, for the actions of some, is not what civil rights activists fought for. It's not what I fought for. We should just be removing the bad apples from the tree, but not chopping the entire tree down, because of some bad apples. I truly hope cooler heads will prevail.

Dmilo Covey, Rapid City

What about the water?

To the editor,

The Trump has asked (ordered?) the Supreme Court to allow the Canadian XL pipeline to built across the US. The permit he likes allows the oil companies to avoid responsibility for damage to streams and wetlands.

The man not only doesn't care about the poor and Covid sufferers, he doesn't mind if fish, animals, and people are forced to drink contaminated water.

Marian Reed, Rapid City

Democrats don't want debates

To the editor,

I appreciated the humor in a recent letter lecturing about the upcoming presidential debates. Evidently the author didn't watch any of the Democratic debates. Total chaos. The letters purpose, of course, is to snipe at Trump and Trump voters. Droll and juvenile diatribe by now (Speaking of the high school reference.)

In actuality the last thing Democrats want is Joe Biden debating President Trump. Max effort will be employed to use any excuse to keep Biden cloistered. Trump has been through bogus impeachment, never Trump and deep state vilification and daily encounters with a hostile, biased media. He has fought through it all. Joe Biden's toughest battle has been with his wife as to where to set the basement thermostat. After 50 years in politics Biden's closet is so full of skeletons it rivals the Paris Catacombs. Some recent Joe Biden comments: "I'm Joe Biden and I will defeat Joe Biden." " Uuh, uuh, I am boring myself as I speak." You get the idea. Every excuse will be used to prevent Biden from debating. Every excuse will be used to prevent Trump from campaigning. Regardless of debate format, President Trump will expend very little effort to demoralize the left.

Larry McIntyre, Custer

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