Letters to the editor, March 13, 2020

Letters to the editor, March 13, 2020


Protect young ears

To the editor,

I admit it. I like our annual monster truck show at the Civic Center. For me, it’s just good cheap entertainment. This last one had me very concerned, however. I noticed several small children (as young as two) without hearing protection. These trucks are super loud. Think standing next to a jet engine loud. I imagine this is the noisiest thing most of these little kids have ever experienced. I noticed some kids were so small that they wouldn’t tolerate the hearing protection. Or the protection just didn’t fit well enough to work. Other parents never even thought about it.

I would like to propose that every single child be required to have hearing protection on and working before admittance to the arena. And there should be several teams of folks strategically walking around making sure that the little ones have them on and are using them correctly.

Also, free hearing protection should be provided for the little kids. Charging $10 or $20 for hearing protection for kids is a crime.

One night of monster trucks can permanently and seriously damage a child’s hearing. How parents don’t know this (or don’t care) boggles the mind and ruins the experience.

Thomas Eads, Rapid City

Playing catch up

To the editor,

Numerous countries around the world failed to act quickly and transparently enough to prevent the coronavirus pandemic, so we are now playing catch up while our economies are being severely damaged. Hopefully, the coronavirus will only be a minor set-back that can be resolved quickly.

However, anthropogenic climate change is not a minor event, it is an extinction event that is being ignored or played down by many of the very same governments that missed the mark on the coronavirus.

It may be harsh, but I am of the opinion that our governments need to change the way they operate; they need to start listening to the experts, heed the warnings of scientists around the world and take bold action to mitigate the consequences we will surely face from our use of fossil fuels.

Warnings about anthropogenic climate change were voiced nearly twenty years ago. If there is a hoax going on, the hoax is that governments are providing the kind of leadership that is needed to ensure a safe and sustainable future. Once we are past the climate change threshold, which is an uncertainty, there will be no catch up, no hope.

Harold Arns, Box Elder

The best way to spread the virus

To the editor,

How best to expose every corner of our state to the coronavirus? Conduct business as usual by holding the state basketball tournaments! The NCAA, NBA, and NHL see the wisdom of taking unprecedented steps to help stop the spread of a pandemic. We should have the wisdom and foresight to do the same.

If the NCAA and the NBA can take this unprecedented step, surely our state can and should also do it.

Lois Doyle, Vermilion

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