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Letters to the editor, March 26, 2021

Letters to the editor, March 26, 2021


Letters to the editor, March 26, 2021

The prom is on

Hooray! There will be a prom for Rapid City kids!

Thank you to the 4 school board members who supported this decision and voted for the resolution making sure that it happens. Just coming up with a compromise would have left doubt as to whether it would be cancelled again without board approval.

The parents of the community banned together to stand up for kids and the tradition that was arbitrarily cancelled by a few power hungry administrators overreaching and using the kids as pawns.

The kids and the community have had enough of this heavy handedness and spoke loudly. I thank the board members, Hansen, Polecky, Colombe and Thomas for their support. I and many others also vow to help anyone in the community who decides to challenge board members Pochardt, Stephens and Flynn when their term is up.

School board members must realize they work for the taxpayers/voters who elected them. The Administration works for the board and it appears that this latest move indicates the board has returned to its proper role.

Students, parents and taxpayers thank you.

Janette McIntyre, Rapid City

Ruining our country

Holy Moly, I never thought our elected members of congress would try to ruin our country. Pelosi,Shumer,and all those others opposed to our great country are all dues paying members of Putin's elite in our congress. The worst of the elected elite are Biden and Harris. They hate America with a passion that warps their minds. They hate you too if you dared to vote for Donald Trump. They want to spit on you and slander you as unamerican. Well they don't scare me and all other America loving patriots. We will keep our guns and ammo and refuse to give them up. The 2nd amendment gives us that right. It is not a privilege it is a lawful right. So go fly a kite you elite bums. The journal will not print what I really think of them "our enemies within".

Jack Sayles, Custer

Restricting voting

Given the affiliation with 45 and acceptance of Q-anon and unregulated "clan style" militias, it's transparently understandable that conservatives in swing States are worried about losing out in the next few elections. It seems that instead of moving forward with a "cleaner act", it is prefered to revert back to times past when their opposition was restricted in the voting process. Come on man, it's the year of our Lord-2021. Get with the program and make the ideal of Conservatism more palatable to all "the people" not just to those who are in less need. Without the balance of Conservatism, unchecked Liberalism can bring to reality perfectionist ideals that are as unhealthy for "worldly" Government as no Liberalism at all is.

Fear is not a winning strategy and has always been the agenda of shortsighted zealots who have little else to offer. Reverting back to the "Jim Crow" zeitgeist will only stagnate our chances for a "more" perfect union as was set forth in our Constitution. Please give our founders the best opportunity for their "American ideal" to remain in the world.

Dave Freytag, Rapid City

What are we doing?

Oh, the irony. In Wednesday's Journal, there was a full page article about the many tragic mass shootings that have occurred in the last few year, complete with details. On the back side of that same page was a full page ad for firearms, two of which were assault style weapons with multiple capacity magazines and semi-automatic actions. No wonder this country is in such a confused state right now.

Anita Paige, Rapid City

Second Amendment Sanctuary

As is if choreographed Bull Conner, local politicians wasted time and energy on making Pennington County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” the same day as one man killed 8 in Atlanta; a week before another gunned down 10 in Boulder. The county commissioners’ political melodrama is as backwards as it is ridiculous.

The “gun-rights” activists sincerely believe the Constitution says what it doesn’t. They are so sure their beloved guns will protect them against all of society’s problems (code for people of color). They’d shoot the coronavirus, but hoaxes are impervious to lead.

If the reality of gun violence were not so dire, this silly sanctuary business would be hilarious, one more reason to laugh at the rednecks in South Dakota. There is a great deal in the Rushmore State to lampoon, most of it having to do with our excruciatingly ambitious and egregiously hypocritical governor.

In time, she will say something about responsible gun ownership as she plots her political future on her way to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring. Of course, she will devote some time to thwart the people’s will when it comes to cannabis legalization, when most of us could really use a good post-pandemic buzz.

Bret Swanson, Hermosa

Noem doing the right thing

Governor Noem is being unfairly portrayed in the media as bowing down to big business because of her decision to not sign the bill excluding males at birth from participating in female sports. She has asked the bill to be redone excluding colleges. If she signs the bill the NCAA is likely to exclude our NCAA colleges from participating in sports, resulting in none of our female athletes the opportunity to participate in sports. She is trying to create a coalition of other states to fight this together because the cost to fight it by ourselves would be cost prohibitive.

Roger Riley, Spearfish

Sign the bill

I hope Governor Noem signs the bill preventing males from playing in female sports. The Governor is being inundated with the threat of the state losing money because of transgender reprisals. So be it. I hope we have the intestinal fortitude to do what is right and fair, and not give into what amounts to coercion by a small minority. Somewhere in this diminishing democracy we have to stand up for what is right and not give in to the political correctness which has and continues to destroy this great country.

Ron Buskerud, Rapid City

Threat to the country

The Socialist Democrats are a threat to democracy. The news media is supposed to hold the government accountable for its bad actions. However, much of the media are political ideologues who aren't concerned with holding the government accountable. Instead, they partner with the Socialist Democratic Party to extend its influence and persuade America to one point of view. The Socialists are trying to use the media to silence conservatives. If your white and want children to go back to school your called a racist. Mayorkas was on T.V., saying the southern border was closed and nobody was getting in, he lied the Socialists think were stupid. The Socialists are radically Anti-Life- Anti-Religion, Anti-Border Security, Anti-Free Speech. The Socialists are unqualified to lead, Just look at slow Joe Biden the Russians think he is a clown and he is. Whats going on between the Socialist Democratic Party and media is the first step taken by a "potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime" to gain control of the government.

Rick Lewis, Spearfish

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