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Letters to the editor, May 14, 2021

Letters to the editor, May 14, 2021


Letters to the editor, May 14, 2021

For Kara Flynn

I full-heartedly support Kara Flynn, representing Area 3 for the Rapid City Area School Board election on June 9. I have worked closely with Kara in a volunteer singing group and as part of a South Dakota Public Broadcasting committee.

She is smart, committed, energetic and is willing to listen. She has already shown her strengths by being appointed in Dec. 2020, from 14 applicants, to fill the vacant seat on the RCAS Board, which she now is officially running for. Kara has many leadership experiences and accomplishments relating to our schools and community which make her a highly-qualified candidate.

She has coordinated mask production for the RCAS choral and band members, spearheaded volunteer efforts for the School Bond campaign in 2020, served on the RCAS Strategic Plan Core Planning Team, was Executive Director of the RC Public School Foundation, and was co-chair of Education for Creativity, City of Rapid city's Cultural Plan. She also has experience of parenting two children who both attend RCAS schools. Additionally she worked tirelessly for SD Public Broadcasting's early learning initiative to provide curriculum for pre-Kindergarten activities. What more could you ask for? Please vote for Kara on June 9.

Janice Knutsen, Rapid City

No room for the truth

Wyoming representative Liz Cheney's ouster from the Republican party has confirmed what everyone has known for years: There simply is no room in that organization for anyone who dares to tell the truth, shows any sign of courage, or respects the US Constitution.

Those who will not bow down to Trump and support his lies and treachery are no longer welcome.

That's official now.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

We had our chance and we blew it

So Mr. Cox you feel that our generation is being killed off because we don't matter.

Why should the younger generations care what we do or think. We never paid attention to the ones ahead of us.

The ones working are the ones driving and running this country. we had our chance and look how messed up we left this country for the next generation. I think we need to just keep our options to ourselves. This national debt and attitude is our fault not the ones dealing now dealing with it. We let the laws and regulations get passed that put us here, You, me, and our parents were to busy to do anything about this when we could have or worry about future generations.

Our generation is no longer adding to, we are just taking away. So how does it feel to be just a unnecessary cog in a big machine. When we go it won't make even a ripple in the sea. Just go back to your coffee buddy's and keep collecting your living from the ones who are working now.

Roger Olson, Rapid City

Throwing out the baby with the bathwater

What happens when we pair the energy, foreign policy and domestic agenda of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama? Apparently, we get the Biden Administration. In their rush to do the opposite of and overturn “everything Trump,” we now have a record federal debt; no Keystone XL Pipeline (even as Biden’s energy secretary acknowledges that pipelines are the most efficient and safest means to transport petroleum products); no new gas or oil leases on federal lands; rising energy costs everywhere with double-digit inflation rearing up; gas lines in the southeast and on the east coast; hundreds of thousands of new “citizens” through our southern border; unemployment rising while over eight-million new jobs go begging and a new war in the Middle East.

In their mad rush to cancel Mr. Trump, the Biden Administration has certainly thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Unfortunately, all of us will have to pay for and deal with the results of this for years to come. As the prosecutors in the George Floyd case said, “You can believe your own eyes.” Just because NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN choose not to cover it doesn’t mean all of this isn’t happening.

Marshall Miller, Piedmont

Missing the point

The liberal media, to which I primarily attend, is calling for more effective cybersecurity for oil/gas pipelines due to the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. The media have also noted that there is weak security on electrical transmission grids in the US. One can imagine any number of scenarios that would compromise centralized distribution processes of every kind, including food and energy.

The media is missing the main point. The point is to decentralize distribution of energy and food. A different imagination is needed. Imagine massive support of community gardening and local food sources, imagine communities with small windmills and solar panels on every roof. The “blueprints” needed for such projects already exist but need to be implemented.

The opponents of such decentralization are the corporations, including Black Hills Energy, which has proposed to the SD PUC to actually charge families for the solar energy they generate.

If a plan for decentralized services still seems imaginary—imagine this. In the very near future more threats will occur from bad state actors, criminals, and from the very environment itself. We are on the precipice of irreversible global climate change. Circumstances will force us to think in new ways. Start now.

Carol Hayse, Nemo


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