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Letters to the editor, May 21, 2021

Letters to the editor, May 21, 2021


Letters to the editor, May 21, 2021

For Natalie Slack

I am writing in support of Natalie Slack for the Rapid City Area School Board. I believe Natalie is the right candidate for the position because I have witnessed her dedication, drive, and stewardship. She is passionate about elevating every child's potential regardless of their gender, race, and socioeconomic background. Natalie is consistently volunteering in the community and schools; she understands both the needs of the teachers and students. Natalie embodies the qualities necessary to lead, grow, and enrich public education in Rapid City to ensure students thrive and are equipped with the tools necessary to become leaders in the 21st century.

Thank you,

Kristina Simmons

Expenditure of surplus COVID funds

Dear Mayor and Members of the City Council

The most common request of city funds is to expend more money on the repair and replacement of our local streets. By far, this is the single issue on most everyone’s mind and in their requests. I heard it during the six years I spent on the Council, and repeatedly since.

In my council times, staff and I presented an annual shortage of funding for local street replacement in the range of 15 and 25 million dollars. The current surplus should be responsibly spent on local street repair and replacement only.

I recommend that the money be divided equally to the City’s five wards and spent to repair and reconstruct the greatest need in each ward. Funding could be used as a 100% of project cost or a match for assessment reconstruction, whichever the citizens of the ward desire.

I do hope you take advantage of this unique funding opportunity as a means of addressing our number one problem. I am available to discuss at your convenience.

Jerome “Jerry” Wright, Rapid City

For Natalie Slack

I am writing in support of school board candidate Natalie Slack. I’ve known Natalie for several years and have observed her commitment to our community in many different scenarios. It seems to me that she’s always doing something to make our community better. Her decision to serve on the School Board seems like a natural next step in her service.

I've seen that Natalie is in tune with young people, she’s passionate about families impacted during this past year, and I know she cares deeply for this community. She works hard to have a complete understanding of situations and at listening to multiple viewpoints. Natalie is empathetic, passionate, driven, and committed. She will be a valuable member of the School Board and the future of Rapid City’s kids. She has my complete trust and support. Thank you!

Tom Whillock, Rapid City

Box Elder is better

Progress continues in Box Elder - such a difference in the past six years due in large measure to the leadership and infectious personality of Mayor Larry Larson. As a previous member of the Planning and Zoning committee in Box Elder, I remember an unsavory reputation the city had. At one time a police officer had to attend the council meetings to prevent disruptive exchanges between citizens and the council.

Box Elder was an afterthought and joke when considering West River communities - no more!

Mayor Larson has been a catalyst in encouraging at least eight " significant " businesses to come to the town. In addition Mayor Larson has fostered and encouraged a sense of "community" by his participation in countless activities. Citizens know Mayor Larson is always approachable in "the office" or "on the street" to help with their concerns. Larry Larson needs to continue serving Box Elder as its mayor.

Bob Perceval, Box Elder

For Natalie Slack

I would like to ask you to support to Natalie Slack for the Area 1 School Board seat. I have known Natalie all her life. She is a kind, caring, giving woman. She is dedicated to her family (three sons in the RCAS) and community. Natalie is a "feet on the ground, get involved and do the work woman." She is a small business owner who will understand the financial and budgetary issues facing the Rapid City School Board. She sits on the Boards of several non- profit organizations in our community. She will do all she can for the students and families of the Rapid City Area Schools.

That's just who she is - dedicated, caring, involved and passionate.

If you are voting for the School Board representative in Area One, I would ask that you vote for my daughter, Natalie Slack.

Kay LaFrance, Rapid City

Putting an end to unemployment benefits

Coming from a very compassionate, loving home where I was taught to care for people less fortunate than me, it's hard to understand people like Tim Goodwin who suggests closing unemployment offices. I also see many help wanted signs. If you check it out, most want experienced help. Where does that leave an educated people? I have taken many day labourers to my farm. Were they able to mix chemicals and fertilizer? No. Could they service machinery? No. Could they operate our big equipment and use GPS? No. Could they sell I surance? No. Could they afford day care at a minimum wage? But most of the time they were hard workers. How many jobs are full time with benefits? So, let's not be judgemental. I know many people are milking the system including me. It's OK for big businesses: oil companies, airlines, railroads, even for some farmers and people in the military. Does that mean it is right? No. So, let's see to it that people know they are okay for a job even if they don't have special talents.  Let's start educational and training programs to help these people. I wonder if Mr. Goodman has ever abused the system? I am sad that people like him represent me in Pierre.

Harold Oberlander


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-Journal Editorial Board

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