Letters to the editor, May 9, 2020

Letters to the editor, May 9, 2020


System protects incumbents

To the editor,

I'm writing to discuss an issue that has been bothering me for some time now and I thought I needed to write.

While we have all heard about the difficulty of taking on an incumbent, it wasn't until I heard the interviews on SDPB and KOTA with sitting Senator Mike Rounds that I realized just how difficult it is. This system protects career politicians who have forgotten their constituents.

Technically, television stations must give equal airtime to all candidates. However, to sidestep this rule if the incumbent does not mention their campaign or election, in this case, Senator Rounds, stations are not required to give equal airtime to Republican US Senate challenger, Scyller Borglum. Although newspapers provide ample column inches for the incumbent, they are not required to give equal space to challengers. This has the compounded effect of continuing showcasing the incumbent (for free) and not making space at all for a challenger. Now, despite Borglum repeatedly asking for live, public debate, Senator Rounds refuses to participate. You read that correctly: Mike Rounds won't participate so stations will not schedule one. Rather than scheduling a debate and letting the candidates know so that they can show up or, leave an empty seat, the television stations on both sides of the state seem to be bowing to the incumbent! This is exactly backward from what it should be!

If we voters cannot know Borglum through the media, at least let us compare her and Rounds in a debate. Borglum is eager to debate and give the voters an opportunity to weigh the candidates.

Senator Rounds refuses to answer the call! He is either afraid or thinks he is above South Dakota constituents!


Bill Casper, Rapid City

Far from over

To the editor,

The Covid-19 pandemic is over! Stay-at-home orders are being relaxed, businesses are planning to reopen and those pesky masks and gloves will soon be just memories. The Pandemic Task Force is apparently going to be dismantled soon. Everything will be back to normal in short order. But don't start celebrating just yet.

Donald Trump has basically thrown the entire country under the bus. The reality is that the death toll and confirmed cases of Covid-19 is increasing daily. He has made it painfully clear that since he can't control the narrative about the pandemic, and can't stop it, his approach is classic Trump: Ignore the facts and call it a win!

Apparently it's much more important to start campaigning for re-election than to worry about minor things like a lack of PPEs, a shortage of Covid-19 tests and testing facilities as promised (remember "everyone who wants a test can get one"), an overwhelmed medical community, record high unemployment and a country begging for leadership in terribly uncertain times. Americans deserve much more than they are getting from Trump's "Amateur Hour" approach to the presidency.

Bruce Oberlander, Deadwood

Rich get richer

To the editor,

The worst unemployment since the great depression and the stock market goes up. Now Trump and the GOP want to lower taxes to solve all of our problems. Lets us borrow more and more trillions and push the stock market even higher so the rich and get a lot richer while good jobs disappear.

Who will pay for the $60 or 70 trillion debt?

“Who cares lets party till the Nation collapses.” President Donald Trump is taking advantage of the virus and deaths of thousands to push for the borrowing of more money to pay for lower taxes so the stock market will rise. The rich get richer off the debt imposed on our children and grandchildren.

This will be economic Armageddon and will give Putin and China total control of our nation from top to bottom. We will be like Russia a few billionaires and a nation of poverty stricken souls. If you think your going to be helped by what Trump and the GOP are doing, then you need to separate yourself from FOX News and find the truth.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

Small business versus big business

To the editor,

Now days we are continually hearing in commercials to support our local businesses which I’m all for, however during a recent visit to two local businesses in Spearfish I noticed no one in the stores had masks or gloves on. These included people who were both owners of their stores.

I asked one owner why no masks or gloves and their reply was that they didn’t feel threatened by the virus. I wondered to myself “but what about how your customers feel?” On the other hand I frequent the local Walmart which since the start of all this has done a progressive and intelligent approach to the situation. They have implemented several policies to protect not only their employees but also the public by employees wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing carts for patrons, stressing six foot separation, signs on floors to remind people to keep social distances, and limits to purchases to prevent hoarding.

Local commercials may say support our local businesses but if they don’t care about their customers why should we care about them. Thank you Walmart for caring and protecting your customers and workers even though you are “big” business.

Tim Robison, Spearfish

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