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Letters to the editor, Nov. 10, 2021

Letters to the editor, Nov. 10, 2021


Clean energy is important


I am thankful to see Congress make progress on addressing America’s infrastructure needs by passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the Senate. Especially with its focus on expanding clean energy technologies, including electric vehicles and charging stations, this bill will help strengthen communities throughout South Dakota and nationwide.


Clean energy is a win-win for our environment and our economy. South Dakotans are proud of the abundant natural beauty and resources we have been blessed with—which is why preserving and protecting them by continuing to develop our clean energy capabilities is so critical. At the same time, these efforts will help create well-paying jobs and 21st century careers for hardworking South Dakotans, support local businesses and attract new ones, and power an even stronger economic recovery.


Representative Dusty Johnson should help secure a brighter future for all South Dakotans by supporting and helping to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The sooner Congress does this, the faster they can turn their attention to other ways to advance clean energy nationwide.


Mary Anderson, New Underwood


Make friends instead of enemies

In western South Dakota, I grew up surrounded by nuclear missiles, designed to blow up the world in case the Russians sent their bombs toward us. B-52 jets constantly flew overhead with extra bombs in case the missiles didn't finish everybody off. As a kid I couldn't understand why blowing up the world would be a solution to anything. Now, the Defense Department wants to spend $1.5 trillion to upgrade and improve our nuclear arsenal.

The US and its allies just finished off 20 years of trying to turn Afghanistan into a capitalist country with a military trained and equipped by us. Each of those 20 our generals promised that the Afghan army was just about done being trained so they could stand on their own. Each of those 20 they lied to us. We spent $2 trillion on this mirage.

Trillions of dollars can be spent better. How about we help people instead of blowing them up? Imagine how much medicine, health care, and educating farmers could be done with trillions of dollars. Then we make friends instead of enemies. We don't have to rebuild things that we've destroyed. We protect ourselves from diseases that could spread to us.

Jeff Jacobsen, Rapid City

A better way?

As I rake leaves, bag them and haul them to the recycle dumpsters, it seems like there could be a smaller carbon footprint, city wide, if there were vacuum trucks going around neighborhoods sucking up leaves and twigs from the gutters and taking them to the disposal site. There could be specified days much like garbage pickup.

Less fuel used. Check! Less labor at recycle. Check! Less plastic. Check!

Dot Cummins Schmitendorf, Rapid City

Easy to commit felonies

I find it interesting that the GOP is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Biden Administration from using the IRS to find those not paying taxes they owe to the tune of hundreds of billions every year, enough perhaps to completely pay for the infrastructure needed to keep our nation healthy for guess what, the very businesses that are hiding the taxes they owe.

And it is the South Dakota Republicans who have written laws to make it easy for many of those people to hide their money from the IRS. You Republicans seem to hate the IRS and are proud of yourselves when you can make it easy for rich people to commit these felonies against the People of this nation which forces us to borrow more and more just to keep this nation from collapsing.

If this nation goes down every one goes down with it.

Brent Cox, Sturgis


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