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Letters to the editor, Nov. 17, 2021

Letters to the editor, Nov. 17, 2021

No solution

Let’s see, under Trump’s leadership, the USA was making so much energy in so many forms that we were exporting it. As soon as Joe Biden was elected President he acted to get rid of policies Trump had put in place to Make America Great Again and our energy production plummeted. Now we have shortages in many areas, including oil production.

Biden’s solution? Beg OPEC to ramp up their production and sell us more oil. What an absolutely idiotic way to tackle the problem he created!

Maurice Brandt, Custer

Both ways?

I am so appreciative of Senator John Thune’s concern for avoiding budget deficits to explain his vote against the infrastructure bill. I wonder, however, where his concern was in supporting the 2017 tax cuts, which passed with 100% Republican support, and created much larger deficits, or his vocal opposition to the Build Back Better bill, which contains offsets through taxes to avoid any increases in the national debt. Do I detect a double standard, hypocrisy, or just cynical partisanship?The Senator shouldn’t try to have it both ways.

John Griffith, Spearfish

In support of infrastructure

The headline ”State lawmakers opposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that will bring $2.8 billion to S.D.” spotlights some of the unsavory issues highlighted in my native state.

This historic infrastructure investment enjoyed the support of 13 House Republicans and an overwhelming bipartisan vote from 19 Republican Senators. Sens. Thune and Rounds with Rep. Johnson opposed this measure.

Along with improving deteriorating roads and bridges, the bill will expand broadband internet capabilities, “one of the largest identified needs in South Dakota.”

This expansion resonates with the legacy of Sen. Chan Gurney (R- Senate 1939-1959) who worked tirelessly in a bipartisan manner to fight for federal money for rural electrification projects and Missouri River development, particularly Gavins Point dam and hydroelectric power plant. His leadership brought power to the people in rural South Dakota.

Mayor Steve Allender recently said: “I think Rapid City should be known as the Silicon Prairie…. we have the right overall environment for innovation and entrepreneurs and that’s what’s important.” What are the three SDGOP infrastructure blockers doing to help prepare the scholars and entrepreneurs to build South Dakota tomorrow? Or will they just show up for the ribbon cutting ceremonies of new infrastructure projects they opposed?

Robert Lyons, Kennebunkport, Maine

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