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Letters to the editor, Nov. 20, 2021

Letters to the editor, Nov. 20, 2021

Destroying democracy

Republican party leaders and members have succeeded in dong what the Axis powers in WW2 could not do: Destroy American democracy. Most have adopted lies and treason as their M.O. and that has worked well for them.

The coming dictatorship will be given a booster shot when they take back the House and Senate in 2022 and locked in permanently when Trump retakes the White House in 2024. The People of Russia, China, North Vietnam and many lesser countries have never experienced democracy. For them, it's life as usual. US citizens, however, have enjoyed something quite close to it for the past 232 years. How will our politically dispossessed majority react? Anyone's guess, but autocracies, once in power, are almost impossible to dislodge.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

What is he hiding from us?

Why is Donald Trump working so diligently to conceal papers from after his election defeat?

Is there a trail of plans for the January 6 insurrection? Self-incriminating? Evidence of violating oath of office - valid reasons to negate current claim of executive privilege?

Trump had sole authority to invite-encourage-ORDER his fans to converge on the capitol for the express purpose of preventing certification of the 2020 election. Attempting to interfere with a national legal process? - Turn his oft cry back on him "Lock him up!"

Millions of people visit our capitol showing due respect, without any destruction, stealing congressional property or killing people. Not so Trump's mob.

Was this a first step toward takeover? We've sentenced 'hard time' for less. Our ex-president, must answer for this. That time has arrived.

Lavon Sumption, Lincoln, Neb.

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