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Letters to the editor, Nov. 26, 2021

Letters to the editor, Nov. 26, 2021

Follow the money

Most folks believe for the most part our southern border is open and in many sections, wide open. This allows some 2 million immigrants to enter our country illegally this year with several hundred thousand of them being disbursed throughout our country.

A large number of folks believe it is intentional on the federal government's part to flood America with these illegal immigrants so they can vote for Democrats in future elections. New York City validates this view by attempting to allow some 800,000 illegal immigrants to vote in upcoming local elections.

An equal number of folks believe that the federal government is doing this to overload the social service programs in conservative states plus change the political climate from conservative to liberal when these illegal immigrants vote.

A 3rd reason rarely mentioned might be the worker shortage the Social Security Administration keeps telling us we have. They say it takes 2.8 workers to pay for one Social Security beneficiary. Our present ratio is 2.7 and by 2040 it is predicted to be 2.1.

Follow the money. Who benefits from allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to live and vote in America?

David Hall, Box Elder

Running for the whole term?

Now that Kristi Noem has announced she will run for a second term as Governor, will she admit she will only do it for two years because she is going to run for President?

David Johnston, Rapid City

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