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Letters to the editor, Nov. 5, 2021

Letters to the editor, Nov. 5, 2021

Defund the police?

Voices are being raised across America demanding “defund the police.” The call, to most ears, sounds absurd. That would mean that our communities would be run by criminals. Contrary to any logic, the movement has gained traction. Movements like these are funded by individuals of wealth who have domestic and global political interests.

Could it be that they want local law enforcement to fail so that the public outcry would demand federal intervention in local police matters? This is known as centralizing power in Washington D.C.

When Barack Obama ran for president he stated to an audience that he would like to establish a National Security Force “that was just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the military.” The title is innocent enough but it sounds very much like a national police force that would assume authority in local law enforcement. Governments have a ravenous appetite for money and power because they know whats best for you and me and they want to impose it on us. Always look for the motive behind the movement. If we lose local law enforcement, we lose our voice. Good-bye to dissent of any government overreach.

Thomas Udager, Rapid City

We must act now

During the pandemic of 2020, greenhouse gas emissions increased at rates greater than the previous year. Nonetheless, the United Nations warns us that numerous governments plan to continue drilling and mining fossil fuels at levels that threaten possible improvements.

For example, the United States has significantly increased coal production. Additionally, the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security have also warned that climate change will challenge our security by increasing the potential for conflicts over resources such as food and water.

And, the World Bank predicts that climate change will force over 200 million people to migrate to other locations or countries over the next few decades. It is simply undeniable that storms and draughts have become more frequent, intense, and destructive, while many communities also suffer because of sea level rise. If governments and people do not take drastic action, our future, and the futures of our children and grandchildren may be very tragic.

There have been numerous carbon fee and dividend proposals submitted to Congress in the past couple of years that would mitigate or even help solve the world’s climate change problems. As citizens we simply must demand that our government act and act now.

Harold Arns, Box Elder

Priorities are wrong

Reference the article about spending $15M on the Sheridan Lake/Catron intersection (Oct. 13, 2021). Mr. Tech and the City Council have their street priorities confused. Let's fix the secondary street potholes first. City Council members need to spend a few hours riding around our fair city to inspect their domain.

How about Cross St., West Dover, Fairview, 12th St, Quick Lane, etc. There are a lot more in dire need of repair. All school areas are busy at start and let-out times. Sheridan west to Catron could use a right turn lane but $15M seems like overkill.

Jim Schmitendorf, Rapid City

Sleep through it?

In his October 23 letter to the editor Rick Lewis claims he didn't vote for Trump because he likes him, but rather that he was the only person that would stand in the way of a movement designed to tear down and destroy our nation. Either Mr. Lewis was out of country on January 6th or possibly he slept through the whole day.

Doug Dobesh, Spearfish

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