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Letters to the editor, November 11, 2020

Letters to the editor, November 11, 2020

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Letters to the editor, November 11, 2020

Term limits

The Bill of Rights states that all powers not delegated to the United States are reserved to the states respectfully or to the people. Since 1776 the Federal Government has increased its power and congressmen have stayed too long consolidating their power. Term Limits are a great idea for the country, but terrible idea for congressmen, who would never vote to limit their time in Washington. You thought they had your best interests in mind. Article 5 of the US Constitution states that State Legislatures can call a Convention of States to write Amendments to the US Constitution. This is the step where you have to become part of the grassroots. Go to and sign the petition. Send a letter to your state representative explaining why they should support COS resolutions. Talk to your friends and neighbors. . Take the opportunity to find the state web site for COS and plan to attend the meeting in Pierre prior to the legislature voting on the resolution and personally show your support. Remember this does not succeed unless the State Legislatures feel the ground swell of dissatisfied citizens wanting a change.

Mike Weiler, Rapid City

Useless political gesture

Kristi Noem's campaign tour for Trump, which took her to Maine, New Hampshire and Florida, might be the most useless political gesture since Mike Pence flew home to Indiana on Air Force Two, so he could walk out of a Colts game as soon as players took a knee. If South Dakota taxpayers cover the expenses of the highway patrolmen who accompanied Noem and provided her security, we've been ripped off.

Kristi defended her Trump excursion by saying there would be "consequences" for South Dakota if he lost. Indeed there will be. The rule of law will be restored. Environmental laws, including protection of our groundwater, will again be enforced. Relations with the rest of the world will begin to heal.

For that matter, there have been consequences for South Dakota during the time periods when Kristi attends to her job as Governor. We have suffered from her incompetent handling of the corona virus, from her confrontational stance toward our Tribes, from her ridiculous "Meth. We're On It" media campaign (guess what? we're not). Kristi may be a sensation with right-wingers in faraway states; she's a disaster for South Dakota.

Jay Davis, Rapid City

Thank you

I would like to thank all of you that voted for me to be your next State Senator. I look forward to continue serving the citizens of District 30. It has been both an honor and extremely humbling to work on behalf of “We the People”. Thanks to all of you who allowed me to put signs up on your properties or wrote letters on my behalf. I really appreciate your consideration and kindness.

I have been working with constituents in our District on bill drafts that are ready to go for this next session. I encourage citizens to get involved when they notice something that could be changed or improved in our state’s laws. I would also like to encourage you to attend the “crackerbarrel's” when they start up again after session begins. This is where you can come and talk to us legislators about what is going on in Pierre, any issue of concern, or questions you have with a bill. We are elected to represent you, so please feel free to call me anytime. That is the quickest way to reach me.

SD Sen. Elect Julie Frye-Mueller

Defeating the tyrant again

My hat is off to rational Republicans. Without who, we would still have that so-called "populist" making a mockery of our great land. Democrats alone did not defeat Trump and we all know it. America proved once again that we are capable of defeating any tyrant. My faith in democracy once more buoyed by loyal opposition Republicans is at an all time high. We can now get back to political saneness. Real reds and real blues compromising to get things accomplished that this country actually needs. No more "naked emperors" to pretend we can't see. We can now get our standing back in the world(that includes Russia) and set goals that the whole world can get behind. I have never been so proud of being an American(not just a Democrat). With tea party Trumpers puking the kool aid instead of blindly following a cult leader,we will now get down to business as usual and actually drain the friggen swamp. Just one final message for Donald J Trump; If you don't love it, leave it.

Dave Freytag, Rapid City

The people have spoken

Despite their cheating, lying and massive voter suppression tactics the Republican party has failed to re-elect the most evil, corrupt, unpatriotic cry baby ever to disgrace the oval office. The good people of the USA have spoken! Of course this doesn't mean that the creep will leave office. His goons will start riots all over the country. His lawyers will do everything they can to discredit our legitimate election system and if any of their baseless lawsuits reach the Supreme Court his lackeys there will probably spit on the Constitution they've sworn to uphold and declare him dictator for life. Truth, decency and justice will only prevail when Biden is sworn in January 20, 2021.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

Litany of lies

Love Governor Grifter's latest excuse for her criminal COVID response failure. "Today, we know that hand washing kills the virus" - no, we knew that in March. And in science we tend to favor learning from experience and data, rather than calling it "flip-flopping".

A sad litany of lies, excuses, and what-aboutisms; pretty much sums up today's Republicans. But what the heck, you're just journalists, no point in you pointing out falsehoods or trying to educate the public. Don't worry, be happy, have a super-spreader day.

Bob Olink, Belle Fourche

Isn't it amazing

Isn't it amazing how fast we went from "count all votes" to "office of the president elect" (while votes are still being counted)? In 2000, it was unpatriotic not to challenge the votes in a few Florida counties and in 2020, it's unpatriotic to challenge anything that goes against a Biden victory. It's amazing how the prevailing (media) wisdom changes as the party seeking to gain power also changes.

Marshall Miller, Piedmont

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