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Letters to the editor, November 20, 2020

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Letters to the editor, November 20, 2020

What is socialism?

Seems to be a lot of chatter these days about socialism. I looked in my Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary which I received new in 1955.

DEMOCRACY- Government by the people, Government in which the supreme power is retained by the people and exercised either directly or through a system of representation.

SOCIALISM- a political and economic theory of social organization based on collective or government ownership and democratic management of essential means for the production and distribution of goods, a policy or practice based off this theory.

My question is were the interstate highways, we all benefit from, or Hoover Dam or any of the 300 plus dams owned by the United States Bureau of reclamation built by democracy or socialism?

John D Murphy, Custer 

Quit blaming others

I wish to compliment our local individuals who stepped forward to offer their time and energy for the good of the public in the differing government positions.

It’s past time that those of the national interests and political parties to quit blaming others for deficiencies and get to the genuine basics of what progressive suggestions can be made and acted on for the good of all society.

Harry Mansherm, Brookings 

What a disappointment to all veterans

So, we can have crowded events such as the 4th of July or the Sturgis Rally and activities at other venues, but on one of the most symbolic days to honor all veterans, the powers that be at the Sturgis National Cemetery decide to cancel any programs of acknowledgement. Many local communities pay tribute though.

On behalf of my son David, and all who are buried in the National Cemetery who fulfilled their duties, National failed theirs miserably. Shame on you BIG TIME!

Dorothy Larsh, Rapid City

It isn't worth it

In response to Ms. Katherine Brown exploiting the marijuana vote- The U.S. Congress has already legalized cbd from hemp for pain relief. No need for medicinal marijuana. They also legalized growing hemp, so farmers can select that crop if they wish. Given the harm that pot causes the brain, especially in younger people, any money from its sale is not worth it.

Beverly Lettellier, Pierre

Time to come home

Governor Noem is far too important a person to interview with our South Dakota media so she goes to a Right Wing Media. “We asked for an interview with Governor Kristi Noem on Friday, but a spokesman said she was not available. On Thursday, she appeared on a conservative talk show on Newsmax TV. “ KELO

Governor Noem said that South Dakota per-capita death rate is lower than New York. Neom forgot to mention that those stats were months ago. Right now South Dakota is number two with second most deaths per ca-pita in the Nation. Noem is allowing South Dakotan's to die every day so she can save face and continue to lie. Noem, Trump lost so you need to get back to your job of protecting the lives of the people in South Dakota. South Dakota may in your mind not be your state anymore, perhaps being Governor of South Dakota is too low of a position for you now. Perhaps you think you should be President. However I would like you remind you that our Loved ones are dying every day while you scamper around the nation. Come back now and help our people or resign.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

It's an embarrassment

With the cases of Covid-19 surging in the Dakotas, it is an embarrassment that our governor does not admit that allowing the Sturgis Rally to take place was a mistake since there is evidence that it allowed the virus to spread. Now with the surge in cases and the hospitals being overloaded it is time to mandate the use of masks to help curb the spread. Telling people to use common sense does not work because so many in the federal government have downplayed the virus impact and the benefit of masks. She needs to quit ignoring facts and mandate the use of masks. The use of masks does not infringe upon a person's rights any more than outlawing smoking in buildings does. It is the rights of people not to be put at risk by selfish people who don't care about others. The healthcare providers are doing the best they can but everyone needs to help. So Quit Being Selfish and Wear Masks to help protect your neighbors even if you don't care about yourself and your own family.

Daniel Rawson, Rapid City

It isn't just women

The Saturday edition discussed the support, or lack thereof, for Governor Noem by South Dakota women. Professor Emily Wanless at Augustana expresses facts about women in leadership roles and how Governor Noem's female status might affect her public perception. As a political science student, I don't dispute that these trends have an impact on Governor Noem's popularity among South Dakotan women. However, I do think that these historical trends in female leadership do not adequately explain why women like myself have an issue with Governor Noem. The argument that Noem takes a conservative approach to the pandemic, and is therefore less appealing or forgiving for the public, ignores the fact that Governor Noem argues South Dakotans should exercise "personal responsibility" but refuses to do so herself! Her conservative approach has nothing to do with my disapproval of her performance, look at our conservative Congressmen who agree that the government should not force individuals to wear masks but demonstrate leadership by wearing masks themselves. Kristi Noem's lack of support among women isn't because she's a conservative woman. It's because she repeatedly illustrates her own lack of concern for the health, safety, and wellbeing of South Dakotans.

Jessa Bartsch, Rapid City

Voter fraud machine

During one of his few campaign appearances, the bumbling Biden made the following statement on T.V.: "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." Let that sink in to your brain! Fraud is fraud, and therefore should rightfully invalidate each state where it provably occurs. The Socialist Dems have been pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a free and fair election, bulldozing constitutional and social norms in order to remove as many protections against fraud as they possibly could, all in the name of fairness. The China Virus gave the Socialist the excuse to liberalize early voting and trash law and custom for our own "safety". President Trump is legally the president until his term expires at noon on Jan 20. 2021. Biden will not be president-elect until the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14, 2020. Only the fake news media call Biden president elect.

Rick Lewis, Spearfish

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