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Letters to the editor, Oct. 8, 2021

Letters to the editor, Oct. 8, 2021

Unnecessary risks

Where to begin to answer people who seem to want everyone to catch covid, regardless that many will suffer significantly, some will needlessly die years before their time, for the privilege of indulging false claims of significant vaccine harm, false claims of suppression of effective alternative treatments, of indulging bizarre political battles over this particular infection when at least 16 other infections are routinely prevented by vaccination of children and adults, free of false claims of government/corporate/elite conspiracy to harm or control normal folks.

Listening to Alex Jones rant on the radio, I realized that local leaders who think like him actually do want you, your kids, and your elders to catch covid unvaccinated, in the false belief that meeting the virus with immune systems primed to fight covid, with viral load decreased by masks, somehow produces inferior results to immune systems struggling to ramp up response while the virus has days to attack multiple systems unimpeded. Covid vaccines cannot alter DNA to harm people. Over six billion doses of covid vaccine have been given worldwide. Over a third of the planet is fully vaccinated. Vaccination greatly reduces risk of death and severe illness on the way to widespread immunity.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

Don't be misled

In regard to the Pandora Papers, do not be misled by what is being published by the liberal media. The end goal for them is to allow government access to all private financial records. This would result in yet another totally unwarranted expansion of government control into the private lives of all citizens.

What is being published is just a smoke screen to justify being able to do this "for the greater good of society" aka being able to take more of your money under the pretext that the rich do not pay enough taxes.

Bruce Miesen, Rapid City

Don't taint the water

It wasn’t great about a dozen years ago when Rapid City’s water tasted like waterfowl poop. There were just too many geese and ducks on Canyon Lake, and the city was jumping through hoops figuring out what to do about it.

There are worse things than fowl fouling our drinking water, such as gold mining.

Rapid Creek, with an assist from Castle Creek flowing out of Deerfield Lake, fills Pactola Reservoir, which is the source of water not only for Canyon Lake but also the excellent drinking water for Rapid City, Ellsworth AFB and beyond.

As I write this, mining companies are exploring for gold in the Rapid Creek watershed above Jenny Gulch, Silver City, and nearby areas. Gold mining is a notorious polluter of water, and should a strike occur in the watershed, we would be faced with a problem a whole lot worse than waterfowl excrement. If we think property taxes are too high now, what do you suppose it would cost to treat water tainted by arsenic and cyanide from mining?

You can comment on the Mystic District website to tell the Forest Service you oppose F3 Gold’s Jenny Gulch project and support the “No Action” alternative.

Edward Martley, Rapid City

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