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Letters to the editor, Oct. 9, 2021

Letters to the editor, Oct. 9, 2021


The "How" Mattered

I would like to express my dismay about "how" our departure from Afghanistan was handled. Keeping Bagram AFB open and providing military support both at the base and at an enlarged perimeter of both Kabul and its civilian airport for an orderly departure seem a military obligation in my view. There were several months to plan both defensive and offensive postures before the evacuation. Leaving behind billions of dollars worth of strategic military hardware (disabled or not) was unconscionable. Leaving Americans and friends behind was worse.

Losing 13 American soldiers at a civilian airport in Kabul where the Taliban was running security at check points was heart-rending. Those lives were cut short because of rushed and hurried planning without contingencies. The President, our State Department and Department of Defense own this debacle. And finally, mistaken retaliation with a drone strike against and aid worker and 7 children was tragic. And now, what about Americans and allies who were left behind?

Barb Doshier, Rapid City

Thank the RINOs


Have you ever wondered, as I have, why Senator John Thune ,Senator Mike Rounds and Wyoming Senator John Barrasso are never controversial among leftist media outlets or Democrats?


Could it be because they are the useful tools of Democrats when they are needed for a vote? Senator John Thune “The Republican Whip” can’t whip, but he can count votes. When his vote is needed by Democrats, he will vote accordingly. For instance, he voted against the “Infrastructure” bill even though his boss, Mitch McConnell and his comrade Mike Rounds voted in favor.


When his vote was needed, Senator Thune voted to suspend the filibuster rule increasing the debt ceiling, once again, along with Senator Rounds, Senator Barrasso, Senator McConnell and seven other RINO Republicans. The usual suspects who constantly distinguish themselves by loading the country with debt and borrowing. Wisdom comes with having it stuck to you often enough by these faux politicians full of excuses that will not meet the smell test any longer. Make no mistake, the country would not default, you would still get your Social Security and Medicare. What we have gotten however is greased skids for more indefinite future spending and debt.


Thank RINOs.


Larry McIntyre, Custer


Don't be misled

In regard to the Pandora Papers, do not be misled by what is being published by the liberal media. The end goal for them is to allow government access to all private financial records. This would result in yet another totally unwarranted expansion of government control into the private lives of all citizens.

What is being published is just a smoke screen to justify being able to do this "for the greater good of society" aka being able to take more of your money under the pretext that the rich do not pay enough taxes.

Bruce Miesen, Rapid City

Don't taint the water

It wasn’t great about a dozen years ago when Rapid City’s water tasted like waterfowl poop. There were just too many geese and ducks on Canyon Lake, and the city was jumping through hoops figuring out what to do about it.

There are worse things than fowl fouling our drinking water, such as gold mining.

Rapid Creek, with an assist from Castle Creek flowing out of Deerfield Lake, fills Pactola Reservoir, which is the source of water not only for Canyon Lake but also the excellent drinking water for Rapid City, Ellsworth AFB and beyond.

As I write this, mining companies are exploring for gold in the Rapid Creek watershed above Jenny Gulch, Silver City, and nearby areas. Gold mining is a notorious polluter of water, and should a strike occur in the watershed, we would be faced with a problem a whole lot worse than waterfowl excrement. If we think property taxes are too high now, what do you suppose it would cost to treat water tainted by arsenic and cyanide from mining?

You can comment on the Mystic District website to tell the Forest Service you oppose F3 Gold’s Jenny Gulch project and support the “No Action” alternative.

Edward Martley, Rapid City

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