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Letters to the editor, October 2, 2020

Letters to the editor, October 2, 2020


Letters to the editor, Oct. 2, 2020

For Rick Stracqualursi

To the editor,

I have become increasingly concerned about our present situation with the Covid 19 pandemic. In South Dakota we have thousands of people with no health insurance, or those who have lost their insurance after losing their jobs. With the upcoming Legislative session, we need legislators in Pierre who are highly educated in medical care and extensively experienced in medical issues, as well as dedicated to doing the right thing for the people of South Dakota, not to just follow the party line. I feel that person is Rick Stracqualursi for District 34 for the House of Representatives. Rick is a 29 year resident of Rapid City. He is highly experienced in health care economics. Improving health care access and controlling costs are high on his agenda.

That is why I, as a lifelong registered Republican, have chosen to support and work for the election of "Rick for the House", District 34 House of Representatives. We need legislators with Rick's experience working on South Dakota's problems. Please support Rick Stracqualursi for District 34 House of Representatives.

Allen E Nord, M.D., Rapid City

For Julie Frye-Muller

To the editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to show my support for Representative Julie Frye-Mueller in her run for election to the Senate District 30. She is a strong legislative defender of taxpayer rights.

After I was elected in 2018, I was assigned to the committee on local government and sat beside Representative Frye-Mueller. She was very encouraging, helpful and could not have been more supportive.

Julie recognized my individual potential and encouraged me to pursue my interests to their fullest. In my first session serving in the House she asked me if I would consider a leadership position if asked. Even though I was inexperienced, she reassured me I could expand my abilities without fear.

Representative Frye-Mueller reminds me of Ronald Reagan, she doesn't care who gets the credit, only that the citizens she represents are the benefactors of good legislation. She is one of the strongest advocates for our children and the privacy of the citizens of South Dakota.

I urge you to elect Julie Frye-Mueller for Dist. 30 State Senate. Allow her knowledge and passion to represent the citizens of South Dakota and be an inspiration to other legislators. I would be honored to serve with Senator Julie Frye-Mueller.

Tina Mulally, Rep. Dist. 35

You don't have the right

To the editor,

The citizens of SD who refuse to adhere to public health measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 do so in the name of freedom. Your freedom does not give you the right to infect other people. It does not give you the right to spread a disease which causes the cost of health care to rise.

It does not give you the right to cause the death of those with underlying conditions. It does not give you the right to delay getting society back to a more normal existence by your reluctance to adhere to simple rules, much like wearing a seat belt.

It does not give you the right to refuse a vaccine that would protect you and your family and those around you because of baseless conspiracy theories and false information. Your freedom doesn't give you the right to take it away from others.

Peter Dunner, MD, Bethesda, MD

Russians seek to undermine the U.S.

To the editor,

Beginning with the turn of this century, I served in Russia as a US diplomat. While ordinary Russians were envious of our American democracy, it was equally clear that their leadership sought to destroy our way of government. They understood that our democracy was the source of our social strength and our national power.

Through social media, the Russian Government seeks to undermine our way of life. They, among others, are making every effort to discredit our democracy and to seduce Americans into believing that our media and voting are suspect and untrustworthy.

It is my hope that Americans will reject this claptrap. A free press, such as we have, is essential to a great republic such as ours. Our voting procedures, including mail-in voting, used reliably since the Civil War to ensure that the broadest participation of our citizenry in elections, are the envy of the world.

Only the misinformed, or Americans seeking to overthrow our democracy, would fall in with the propaganda lines embraced by the Russians. No one knowingly wants to be a stooge for a foreign power. Unfortunately, the biggest stooge promoting these seditious lies, seemingly for his own advantage, is our own president.

Geoffrey Wiggin, Rapid City

Enjoy Trump's America

To the editor,

There are three people in the US that think they are smarter than all the Republicans combined. Read their rhetoric and see what you think. Gov Kasich and Terry Painter have a real plan for America. Pretend that the Republican agenda really belongs to the Democrats. Pretend that the Democratic agenda is really what the Republicans are preaching. Let’s get it straight boys!

Either you are for the anarchists, which you preach, or you are for President Trump’s agenda. Now we know that your hatred for President Trump supersedes all other agendas so the conclusion is that you are lying about your own position. So, Terry Painter, please refrain from any more of your anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-MAGA banter and just write something nice about Joe Biden and the Democrats. That will keep you busy Nov. 3, 2020 because there is nothing you can say that is the actual truth and we will recognize them as the lies you have been trying to extoll as the truth for the last four years. Get real man and enjoy the America that Trump brings you.

David C. Oleson, SR

Why I wear a mask

To the Editor:

I wear a mask because: It will help when I exhale, cough, or sneeze to keep the water droplets inside of the mask. I think I’m in mint condition but I could be asymptomatic. I am thinking of you and your family, co-workers, neighbor’s loss of income, hospital expenses, or death. I am thinking of myself that wearing a mask will help protect me from the water droplets, from you or others so that I will not have loss of income, hospital expense, spread of the virus to my family, neighbors, or personally die.

Richard Rohrer, Rapid City


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