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Letters to the editor, Sept. 18, 2021

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Letters to the editor, Sept. 18, 2021

Time to end the grocery tax

Thank you for reminding readers about South Dakota’s regrettable distinction in fully taxing our groceries. None of our neighbor states tax food. South Dakota loses business and tax revenue every day as people shop outside our borders and put more than just groceries in their shopping carts.

Although the food tax is unpopular, many of us are so used to it that we feel resigned to it rather than speaking up.

But this year the state seems to be in a position to make some sort of tax cut, however small. A cut of one or two percent off groceries would be a welcome and helpful move.

For the past 17 years, the people of Rapid City have been taxed on every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rapid City households and nursing homes have experienced an extreme tax hike on groceries, from zero to now 6.5%. (This much tax hike has been only on groceries. Over the same time, the tax on non-food items increased one-half percent.)

I hope in the next session state legislators will give the unfair grocery tax a step down, even one or two percent off.

Cathy Brechtelsbauer, Sioux Falls

Something is wrong with this picture

The Rapid City Council seems to be having a battle over Hazard/Exposure pay to their employees.

The City Council Meeting on 8/2/2021 approved to give hazard pay of $1,000 to Police & Fire Department. That is when the whole thing blew up.

During the Council Working Session on 9/1/2021 it was stated that soldiers got "combat pay" when deployed but the Penatgon support staff did not get the "combat pay." But all the support staff, part time, full time and those that worked from home received a $1,000 as well.

I do believe that the Policemen and Women and the Fire Fighters deserve hazard pay as First Responders, and it is great they paid all the staff a $1,000. But they only want to give the remaining City Essential Employees that kept the city running $500. This seems like a deliberate act of disrespect. It seems only fair and morally right that the City Council reward all those that kept our city running during a stressful, unhealthy and trying time a $1,000 as well. The Public Work staff were even designated First Responders by the City Government, but they only get $500. Just something wrong with this picture.

Misty Thomas, Rapid City

Keep it going

Family Food Truck Night is great for our community. Keep it up and make it bigger.

What might it take to run commercial electrical power to each of the trucks so the hard-working operators could serve their tasty fare without starting their generators? A pox on those foul, noisy contraptions; they are more than a necessary evil.

David Super, Rapid City

Stop Holocaust references

In a letter to his aunt and uncle in America, Peter Feigl, wrote, “They notified me that Mother and Papa had been arrested on August 27 [1942]. The Gestapo fetched them at 8 o’clock.” Peter’s parents were deported on Convoy 28 from France to Auschwitz, where his mother, Agnes, was gassed upon arrival. His father, Ernst, died shortly after.

13 years old and essentially orphaned, Peter survived three years being hunted in occupied France. I consider myself lucky to call Peter my friend. In fact, if the stars align for us, we are going together to France in June to document the locations of his harrowing years running from the Gestapo, among others, who wanted him dead.

While I agree with the author of the Letter to the Editor on 9/10/21 that despite our deeply held and passionate beliefs, we should behave with civility towards one another, I will go a step further: I implore us to avoid Nazi analogies and comparisons [‘Gestapo efforts’] to describe, well, anything, other than within the context of the Holocaust.

Sheila Hansen, Rapid City

End the myth

Time to end this so called freedom myth and deny anti vaccers and anti maskers access to everything public.

We live in a country that has rules. You can't smoke in most buildings because second hand smoke can kill. You can't drive drunk, you cannot speed, you cannot drive through stop signs you cannot do thousands of things because they endanger others. You can't smoke on planes. And you can't blow this virus into my face and threaten my life. You anti vaxxers and anti maskers are killing people. Time to end this so called freedom crap and start following the CDC guild-lines or stay home and away form others.

Brent Cox, Sturgis

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