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Letters to the editor, September 11, 2020

Letters to the editor, September 11, 2020


Letters to the editor, Sept. 11, 2020

Biofuels Create Jobs and Security

To the editor,

Although politics can be divisive, some issues bridge the red-blue schism. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden recognize the value of energy independence. Naturally, the candidates differ on how we should attain it.

A Green New Deal supporter and fossil fuel opponent, Biden proposes big government subsidies for solar and wind power, arguing that fossil fuels pollute the natural environment and contribute to climate change. Yet the Former Vice-President seems insensitive to the economic harm a too-rapid transition requires. Biden even suggested our struggling coal miners should “learn to code." Delivered deep in coal country, Biden’s tone-deaf remarks fell flat.

President Trump recommends we harvest the vast supplies of oil, gas, and coal under U.S. soil. He supports coal miners but proposes to expand domestic production of cleaner-burning fuels. He’s opened new regions to exploration and prioritized approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

Meanwhile, bipartisan voices advocate another clean option: one that protects American jobs, safeguards the natural environment, and keep us energy independent. Biofuels. Cellulosic biofuel -- derived from corn kernel fiber and crop -- opens new market opportunities for farmers. Accordingly, Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced legislation speeding the approval of cellulosic biofuel applications. America’s rural communities, hard hit by COVID-19, trade wars, and floods need the freedom to sell these products. As POET Founder and CEO Jeff Broin remarked: “Streamlining approval will drive demand for cleaner-burning biofuel, improve human health, and support rural economies.”

Thune agrees: “Advancing proven biofuels lets producers utilize, at scale, their technology and facility investments, producing higher-value fuel with lower lifecycle emissions. The farm economy continues to face headwinds and uncertainty. Our bill stabilizes operators’ bottom line, adding value to crops and increasing margins until demand is restored.”

Welcoming cellulosic biofuels and other domestic energy sources helps end America’s foreign oil addiction. Protecting the environment remains a laudable goal, and only naïve fools would remain shackled to Saudi Arabia and Iran, whose murderous citizens repay our trade with terror. Like Senators Thune and Shaheen, let’s find sensible common ground, embracing innovative solutions and working to forge a clean, rational, patriotic energy policy.

Catherine Barranco, Sioux Falls

It isn't a normal cycle

To the editor,

The other day I was talking to a friend, and I mentioned Climate Change. He said it's just a normal cycle. It's not a cycle or caused by the sun. It is caused by humans burning fossil fuels and methane releases.

2020 will definitely be in the top five hottest years on record. The previous six years were the hottest six years on record; so 2020's temperature will mean the last seven years have been the hottest years on record since 1880.

Take 140 tiles [or mosaics] and number the bottom of them from 1-140. (1880 - 2020) Put the tiles number side down and thoroughly mix them up. Turn over seven tiles and see how many are numbered one-seven. Turn back over the seven tiles and thoroughly mix them over again. Then turn seven of the tiles face up again. The chances of them being one-seven is one in billions.

Global warming - which causes climate change - is man-made and going to get worse and worse year after year unless we turn to renewable energy like wind farms and solar arrays and also build nuclear power plants.

Please do whatever you can to get governments to go green.

Metakuye Oyiasin (All my relatives)

Robert J Ackerman, Rapid City

Creating what they opposed

To the editor,

Now that it has been confirmed that Trump has called active military members, veterans and those who died in various wars losers, suckers and loafers, you'd think it would cost him significant numbers of votes among those now serving and those who have. Not likely. The majority of this crowd will continue to swallow the constant stream of lies spewed out by the FOX cable channel, right wing propaganda outlets on the internet and radio, and Putin and Trump, himself. They'll make no attempt to discern fact from fiction. It is this kind of blind unjustified loyalty to a lying incompetent traitor that will usher in the fascist type dictatorship that America (and its military) has supposedly opposed for the last 244 years.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

Convention of States

To the editor,

The Bill of Rights states that all powers not delegated to the United States are reserved to the states respectfully or to the people. Since 1776 the Federal Government has increased its power and congressmen have stayed too long consolidating their power. Term Limits are a great idea for the country, but terrible idea for congressmen, who would never vote to limit their time in Washington. You thought they had your best interests in mind. Article 5 of the US Constitution states that State Legislatures can call a Convention of States to write Amendments to the US Constitution. This is the step where you have to become part of the grassroots. Go to and sign the petition. Send a letter to your state representative explaining why they should support COS resolutions. Talk to your friends and neighbors. . Take the opportunity to find the state web site for COS and plan to attend the meeting in Pierre prior to the legislature voting on the resolution and personally show your support. Remember this does not get off the ground unless the State Legislatures feel the ground swell of dissatisfied citizens wanting a change.

Michael Weiler, Rapid City


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