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Letters to the editor, September 16, 2020

Letters to the editor, September 16, 2020


Letters to the editor, Sept. 16, 2020

Using our Common Sense

To the editor,

As we start voting, let's try to not fall prey to clever, expert media people who will try to scare us. For example, "socialism" is not a dirty word. America is a socialist AND capitalist republic. Our tax dollars pay for veteran's benefits, social security, schools, highways, parks and medical help. Most of us love our country and are grateful.

We even pay for SBA, the Small Business Association, to help millions of people be successful in start up businesses. Jeff Bezos started selling/shipping books out of his garage and is now the richest man in the world! Our task now is try to be even more inclusive in helping people achieve "the American Dream".

Wearing, or not wearing a face mask in public, should not be a political statement. There are common sense, public safety rules. A person may drink and drive and kill him/herself, or not wear a mask and get sick and die. But it is not okay to kill me or anyone in the name of "personal choice."

A friend of mine said he voted for our current president to "stir the pot." Most of us want effective leaders, but we have witnessed a person who is truly incapable, dangerous and demeaning of our democracy. Many of our current state and federal representatives have been cowardly hiding behind their paychecks, perks and elite health and pension plans.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, vote these people out. Don't let their media scare tactics fool you.

Mary Jo Farrington, Rapid City

Getting the whole haul

To the editor,

Editor Kent Bush views Bob Woodward’s decision to conduct 18 recorded interviews with President Trump, then write a book, as motivated by book deal cash, at the expense of timely critical news. I wonder if that stern judgment of a fellow newsman is similar to that of your musician friend whispering criticism at the concert. Some commentators agree, angry that Woodward didn’t release Trump’s own voice privately admitting covid19 is a deadly threat, as soon as Trump publicly called it a “Democrat hoax” disappearing by April.

I agree with others observing Trump was adequately contradicted in real time, for example by CDC warnings in late February, that the pandemic was going be dangerous enough to close schools in spring. Watching the virus devastate Wuhan, and then pop up globally, it was obvious to people objective about Trump that covid reassurances were his usual self-serving gibberish. Members of Trump’s cult wouldn’t have cared a bit about Woodward’s recordings, and still don’t.

Like police detectives collecting valuable evidence from informants while crimes continue, maximizing the impact of their source, Woodward allowed Trump to let it all hang out, balancing immediate addition to evidence against Trump’s nonsense against getting the whole haul.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

Shifting blame,

To the editor,

Regarding your editorial. This president, trusted to guide us through a pandemic, lead our military and be a world leader, lacks the good judgment to avoid 18 hours of audio-taped interview. "Somebody" should have stopped him.


His generals who are "losers and suckers" or the CDC and other health experts he ignores and ridicules? Maybe our republican senators who consistently comment they don't know anything about anything - if they comment at all, after each of his debacles. You call Mr. Woodward a co-conspirator.

Perhaps he didn't report, like in the Nixon era, because facts don't matter today. Remember Alexander Vindman? He, like others, reported the truth and suffered revenge and retribution. Unlike Nixon's, this president's enemies list is blatant. Our senate turns a blind eye to any testimony, unlike the members of Nixon's own party who faced him with the truth.

Apparently, it doesn't matter what Trump knew or when he knew it, only that he admitted it in his own voice, and even that's not his fault. Somebody should have stopped him. Once again, he will survive dishonorable acts that would bring down any other president, and blame for Covid-19 deaths has been shifted to an author.

Glenda Kolkman, Rapid City

Who will step up?

To the editor,

The big farm kid’s knees finally gave out on the bayonet range. He was one of the handful of guys in my Army basic training company at Fort Lewis, Wash., in the spring of 1969 who were drafted despite some physical problems. His knees weren’t good to begin with and when they blew out doing bayonet drills they swelled up like grapefruits and he was hauled off to the hospital. Another guy was in such terrible shape that two of us dragged him the last half mile of a 14-mile forced march.

Which made me more than a little suspect about Donald Trump getting out of the draft because of bone spurs in his foot.

Trump and I both lost our college deferments when we graduated in 1968. Apparently his father found a doctor who discovered bone spurs even though Donald had been found fit for the draft in 1966.

All of which made me angry with Trump’s comments, confirmed by several news outlets including Fox, about U.S. war dead and even those who served in the Vietnam War being “losers” or “suckers.” But I’m not surprised, given his disrespect for Sen. John McCain.

What I find surprising and disappointing is the relative silence from Sens. John Thune and Mike Rounds, both of whom I covered during my years at the Rapid City Journal and found to be able, decent, honorable public servants who supported the military and veterans. John and Mike, will you continue to remain silent or will you speak up for the “suckers and losers” who stepped up for their country?

Steven D. Miller, Rapid City

Not willing to sell out

To the editor,

The same president who lied to us about the dangers of coronavirus now seeks to boost his campaign with promises of a safe and effective vaccine. The same president who suppresses vital information “to avert panic” goes on camera to say anarchists are coming to our house and the Democratic Party is controlled by the Dark Shadows. One wonders, does he mean Barnabas Collins?

He boasts his love for the military, then leaks information on weapons, tweets unauthorized images to Iran, and gives Russia a pass for paying bounties on our soldiers. America First, indeed.

Some say they don’t like the man but appreciate his results. The “result” is this: forty million jobs lost. Thousands dead and millions infected, arguably by design. Delaware-sized fires and flooding, all shrugged off by a man who won’t even say climate change. From the strongest democracy to the weakest dictatorship in one term. Behold the result.

Point to Dow Jones or S&P if you like, but my stocks and 401(k) have never been worth enough for me to sell out to this insane vision. I’m greedy like that.

If you cannot connect the dots, how can you fill in the ovals?

Seth Thomas, Rapid City


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