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Letters to the editor, September 18, 2020

Letters to the editor, September 18, 2020


Letters to the editor, Sept. 18, 2020

Dig deeper

To the editor,

In times past we had news sources that could be trusted to provide real news and information we could use to guide us in our daily lives: not so today. Anyone can say or write just about anything and many, without checking, believe it to be true. In the 50's the Communist Party USA actually published their goals and agenda for America.

Goal 20 is "Infiltrate the press. Get control of editorial writing and policy making positions." Goal 21 is "Gain control of key positions in radio,TV, and motion -pictures." I would encourage all to read the book "THE NAKED TRUTH" by James C. Bowers, Sc.D. and then fact check what he writes. The most powerful weapon in the world is truth but is difficult to come by in this day and age unless we dig deep to find it. Take the BLM movement for example. On the surface a just and true cause. Dig deeper and you find what the true leftist agenda is all about. Don't take my words as truth- go to the BLM site and read for yourself what they believe and their vision for America. Liberty and freedom are worth the effort.

Roger Thompson, Rapid City


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