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Letters to the editor, September 24, 2022

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Letters to the editor, Sept. 24, 2022

Another ridiculous campaign

Our Governor's effort to impose a social studies curriculum from Hillsdale College is both embarrassing and wrong-headed. She already paid a Hillsdale professor $200,000 to design a canned curriculum, including specific lesson plans, an expenditure that ranks with our ridiculous "Meth. We're On It" media campaign.

Hillsdale is a private college in Michigan with a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian agenda. It's not a reputable academic institution. But it would be wrong to have professors at Harvard or Stanford dictate South Dakota's social studies curriculum. We need to trust our teachers and local school districts, and the most important outcome of a history or social studies class should be to promote critical thinking by students.

Gov. Noem is running a TV commercial that accuses Jamie Smith of voting to bring "critical race theory" into South Dakota schools. That is a lie. Smith comes from a family of educators. He respects our schools and teachers and can be trusted to protect them from political and ideological interference.

South Dakota is suffering from a "brain drain" and a teacher shortage. Our elected leaders need to support public education, and not dictate a narrow political ideology in the classroom.

Jay Davis, Rapid City

For all you socialists

For you Socialist Dems, MAGA is a acronym for "Make America Great Again". We want to keep America great unlike you Socialists that have run our country into the toilet in just twenty months. Biden says we are a threat to Democracy because we want to keep babies from being murdered, we don't want critical race theory, diversity and equity in our schools, we want voter id so non citizens can't vote, we want reading, writing, math and science taught in our schools, we don't want biological males competing with the females, we don't believe biological males can get pregnant unlike you Socialists, we believe in a strong military to protect America, we believe in legal immigration not illegal by keeping the southern border open for illegals, drugs, terrorists and human trafficking which Biden and his incompetent administration believe in and then they lye to the American people on daily basis saying the southern border is closed when two million illegals have come in that we know of and one million got a ways. Seventy percent are young males. I guess i am a Biden extremist. Biden isn't very bright.

Rick Lewis, Spearfish

Vote NO on IM 27 Recreational Marijuana

Drugs are not recreation…They are wreck-creation. They wreck everything:


Impairs Minds: School dropouts & failure; impaired drivers & car accidents; mass shootings; increased mental and physical health problems—related to schizophrenia and suicide; damages teen brain development

Damages Bodies: child abuse; unemployable-living-off-the-government individuals, damaged relationships; work accidents and injuries

Destroys Spirits: inability to enjoy real life because of changes in the brain; escape from taking responsibility for one’s own life; unhealthy self-care; financial ruin of users and their families

Creates Unhealthy, Unsafe Environments: increased crime and homelessness; family breakdown; costs to deal with problems outweigh tax money; cartels illegal sales increase to undercut legal sales; business can’t find dependable workers

By the way marijuana is still illegal federally—let’s keep it that way.

Sources of truthful information:

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MARIJUANA DEBUNKED –A handbook for parents, pundits and politicians who want to know the case against legalization by Ed Gogek, MD (a doctor who treats addicts

& drug misuse for 30+ years)

TELL YOUR CHILDREN—THE TRUTH ABOUT MARIJUANA, MENTAL ILLNESS, AND VIOLENCE by Alex Berenson (Former New York Times reporter & an award-winning author)

April Anderson, Rapid City

Deception Voting

How much of our money has Noem spent to promote herself rather than South Dakota? Why one votes for her! A Category list that may apply: Republican, Educated, Noem is a woman, I am a woman, I am a man, Ignorant, Stupid, Rich, She is a rancher, Soothsayer, Naive. Or, one simply does not care and does not vote. Her only goal is to further her political career rather than ethically serve and represent 885,000 South Dakotans.

Because I am a Republican doesn't mean I have to vote Republican. Is following Mr. Trump and fund raising around the country to get reelected, part of her job? I am 79 years old, college graduate, former high school teacher 6 years, a business owner for over 30 years. Over the past 12 years, I've noticed what occurs in almost every city in the United States. Money and Deception is how they get elected. If Mr. Smith is elected and does nothing, it would be better than the damage that has occurred by Noem. Look in the mirror and ask yourself the question.

Am I responsible for the outcome?

Allen McPherson, Rapid City

Hard to watch

After 40 years in education as a teacher and administrator it was painful to watch the last legislative session in Pierre where the focus was not on schools but on social nonsense positions and politics.

Because of that I sought out and found the best candidate for children running in my district. Christine Stephenson gets my vote. Her school board experience, her understanding of the need for local control and keeping schools out of politics impressed me. As a parent she will serve District 32 in Pierre. For my grand children and for your children make the right choice. Vote Christine Stephenson.

Brad Webster, Rapid City

What are they worried about?

Via fliers in the mailbox and ads on TV, local Republicans seem to be spending more on upcoming elections than in the recent past. What are they worried about?

Do they think South Dakotans have developed a sudden interest in honesty, integrity and democracy and are about to vote them out of office?

That would be a delightful prospect but highly unlikely. Perhaps they just have too much money and don't know where to spend it.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

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