Lawmakers should help SD

Bruce Oberlander's letter to the editor (April 6) hit the nail on the head. Our legislative team needs to step up to the plate. They show up to remind us they exist when something like Friday’s B-21 celebration occurs. What are they doing now after their campaign promises got them elected? Where is their legislation to help our farmers and ranchers; our ag producers who desperately need assistance?

None of these three stand up to Trump. Sen. John Thune does nothing without a head nod from Sen. Mitch McConnell. And Sen. Mike Rounds, so proud in his cowboy boots at Friday's B-21 celebration, does little to aid his constituents, instead leaving us in the wake of the tragic Gear Up program and the EB-5 fiasco. And Dusty? I'm sure he learned his lesson when he voted against Trump's emergency funding for the border. It’s doubtful he will go against the big boys again.

It is well beyond time for us, as voters, to send folks to Washington who will work for us at home in South Dakota. To quote Mr. Oberlander “We deserve better, much better” than what we have now.

Mary Richards


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Allender no stranger to verbal jabs

In the article “Mayor’s race jolted by challenger’s $13 million fundraising claim,” current mayor Steve Allender was quoted as saying "Personal jabs, especially lies, have no legitimate place in a public campaign.” Mayor Allender is no stranger to personal jabs, although in my experience he is usually on the giving end.

I have been a victim of Mayor Allender’s verbal attacks. Each year I have raised an important issue facing Rapid City. I have presented data and several options to address Rapid City’s unique needs. This year, other than taking no action, Mayor Allender responded with “I suggest you seek some anger management counseling” and “Or you should become obsessed with something/someone else.”

As a public servant, I believe the Office of the Mayor should listen and address concerns raised by citizens. There are bigger issues facing Rapid City than how much campaign money each candidate does or does not have. Personal jabs, verbal attacks and disrespecting constituents have no place in the Rapid City Mayor’s Office.

Kellee Miner


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