Notre-Dame focused attention

Frank Carroll makes a comment; the recent fire at Notre-Dame was not important to anyone and that we take our eyes off of her in the critical hours. Actually, hundreds of millions of people around the world suddenly focused their attention as never before in modern history. Huge amounts of money have already been raised in efforts to rebuild this very important and historic cathedral.

Paul Lindstrom


Trapping program an abomination

I just saw Gov. Kristi Noem's Facebook page and wanted to write kudos to the state of South Dakota for not only promoting and encouraging children to kill animals but rewarding them as well. That is true enterprise teaching children killing pays. It's great that your state is fostering yet more American children to want and enjoy killing. Way to go South Dakota.

It is reminiscent of the ingenuity of your state, like after the U.S. Dakota War, when the government offered a reward for Dakota scalps, who were, after all, considered animals and savages. It's programs like yours that will make America great again.

Teaching youth to kill brings tears to my eyes you uncompassionate animal murderers. Shame on Gov. Kristi Noem and the state Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

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Julien Rinehart

Keaau, Hawaii

America is losing

As a young police officer I found that one of the first things in the police manual was, "Law enforcement depends on voluntary compliance with the law." Lawmakers write laws to protect the innocent population and punish those who don't. It was normally a small number of lawbreakers, which made it easier for law enforcement to protect the population.

As we see in today's society, this has taken a back seat. We see how our laws are disregarded with our sanctuary cities, counties and now even states. This does not comply with the voluntary compliance of the law and is even encouraged by the lawmakers and law enforcers. It has become out of control and has weakened society’s confidence with law enforcement by allowing millions of people to break these laws. This is only the beginning.

Now we see in Dallas, Texas, the prosecutor will not prosecute theft crimes up to $750 by saying he is helping the destitute. We see in Chicago, the prosecutor will not prosecute certain people for crimes committed by well-known people, even posing for photos with arrestees and interfering with prosecution after a recusal from the well-known case. We see.

Arnold Breitenbach

Box Elder

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