Our children are watching

What is wrong with us as a nation, as a people, that we laugh and cheer when our leader insults, mocks, and makes fun of others? Have we lost all respect for manners and dignity? Are we just a bunch of slobs now, yukking it up at others’ expense?

It’s beyond disgusting. Our children are watching.

Jo Ann Lux

Rapid City

For the love of killing animals

Kristi Noem’s editorial touting love for the outdoors was devoted entirely to the act of killing wildlife. Fishing, bow hunting, pheasant shooting, bounties for trappers and expanded bighorn sheep hunting “clears her head.” Preserving habitat exclusively for the sake of hunting and revenue reflects poorly on human morals at a time when species are vanishing at an alarming rate.

Humanity has reached a point where wildlife exists at our discretion. An encounter with a bighorn sheep should be a life affirming revelation, not an urge to kill.

Ross Rudel

Rapid City

IHS helps explain federal distrust

People wonder why, all around the world, the United States is not trusted. Unfortunately, the federal Indian Health Service is a good example. On Jan. 29, the IHS issued a 12-page report of the reasons why they would not issue a PL 93-638 contract with the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board regarding the Sioux San Health Facility. It was based on federal laws and regulations.

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Yet, on April 2, the IHS suddenly reversed itself and is now issuing a 638 contract to Great Plains for 60 percent of the Sioux San Health Facility for only the Oglala Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal members. The IHS will continue to provide the other 40 percent of health services for the Rosebud and the more than 100 other different tribes whose members use Sioux San.

How this is all going to be accomplished remains to be seen since the Oglala Sioux Tribal government wants the Sioux San moved to Shepherd Hills. Will only 40 percent of the Sioux San Health Facility remain at the current location?

Furthermore, the Great Plains board has plans for tribal members to buy health insurance when health care is a treaty responsibility of the U.S. government. As a private, state entity, Great Plains can require this as they are not a health management organization. Is it any wonder that no one trusts the U.S. government?

Charmaine White Face

Rapid City

Nobody applauds for abortions

There was a passionate but misleading pro-life letter in the April 3 Journal. Need I say we all "love" babies, want them to be healthy and loved. Needless to say many babies and children come into the world unwanted and unloved, and that's the big problem. If men suffered when they got us pregnant, they might understand our dilemma. Unfortunately, men aren't always led by their brain but by their genitals — this causes a blockage between brain and body. Sad but true.

I have four grown children, many grand and great, I've experienced just about everything a woman can. Looking back now, birth control would have been a blessing, and that's true for many of us. It's hard to bury babies, I know. Women don't clap and cheer the death of born or unborn babies. We just want to make our own medical decisions. It's our body and we're not cattle. You probably won't believe it but smarter people than myself say that the world is terribly overcrowded and children are dying every day while men play war. I've just read that a child today dies from starvation every 5 seconds.

Think the men in power care? South Dakota rates at the bottom where children’s health is concerned, not the top. You do know, don't you, that the church has a problem with priests, brothers and little kids? Perhaps celibacy has been a mistake?

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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