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Arming teachers costly in many ways

The March for Our Lives gives us hope; impressive was the red headed student who said “Let us arm the teachers. Arm them with paper, pencils, books, and resources to teach ...”

Arming teachers and staff; ”hardening” schools with metal detectors, adding police, and clear back packs is appalling. Think, think of the liability placed upon all school employees. Who will pay for their life and liability insurance? Who is paying for staff training to detect students and staff who might be “shooters”? Add the cost of proper equipment and combat training. Proper equipment includes body armor, smoke bombs, stun guns, mace, several 30 round magazines, and the gun. No mini gun; theirs must be better than the shooter’s gun. Realize when the swat team arrives, they are looking for the person with a gun.

Recall friendly fire and the horror of this error. The employee shooter will require extensive counseling. Again who pays, school employee, school district, state, federal government? What happens to paper, pencils, books, computers, the love of teaching all academic subjects, art, music, civics, sports? What happens to learning in an atmosphere of fear? Let us keep weapons of war off our streets and out of schools.

Elaine Whittlesy


Lust, Conzet served the state well

Last week marked the official end of the 2018 legislative session. It was also the last session for Rep. David Lust and Rep. Kristin Conzet, both of Rapid City.

Rep. Lust served for ten years as a state representative.  He has been a thoughtful and level-headed legislator, which is why his colleagues looked to him to serve as House Majority Leader. I appreciated that after Rep. Dan Dryden died in 2016, Rep. Lust agreed to return to the Legislature to take his place.

Rep. Conzet first came to the Legislature in 2010, and she has served for nine legislative sessions. Rep. Conzet was always firm in her convictions, and her colleagues liked and respected her. She was a key supporter on many of the important issues of the past few years.

If you see either Rep. Lust or Rep. Conzet in the coming days, say “thank you” for outstanding service to your district and to our state. They will both be missed.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard


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