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Columnist correct on school walkout

I was sure pigs would fly first — before I agreed with the Journal’s resident liberal, John Tsitrian, on anything — that’s why I had to read his Wednesday commentary twice before I noticed that pig fly past my window. John agreeing the school walkout was ill-timed and ill-defined? What next? I expected him to agree to donate gasoline to the next walkout to express his “liberal leanings.”

Low and behold he confesses the school’s decision “misguided” and that it should take no part in school politics and that it wasted taxpayer’s time and money by doing so. You’re right, John, the school’s mission is to educate and not to instigate, especially when you have liberal teachers and the likes of ACLU hounding you to continue your ill-advised involvement. There will be a next time.

If students want to help eliminate slaughter in schools here’s some starting points: a) give up the right to purchase any gun until age 21, b) if you aren’t old enough to buy a gun, then you shouldn’t be driving either, so no driver’s license until age 21, c) if you can’t buy a gun or operate a vehicle ‘till 21 you probably shouldn’t be voting until age 21 either

Jacque Best

Rapid City

Students deserve praise for walkout

The teenagers who marched for gun law reform are the heroes of today. This empowered new generation will move the needle from political indifference to sensible gun reform. Hooray to the youth of America.

Most Americans favor gun reform. The sun is setting quickly on politicians who favor the positions of the corporate gun lobby/NRA and ignore the larger voting population. We see you hiding behind your NRA money. The corporate greed of the gun industry/NRA is so unconscionable they object to the slightest legislative gun regulation, which would save lives. This is intolerable.

Self-serving politicians who do not balance gun rights with the human right to safety will be held accountable at the voting booth. Our smart and energized youth, who have been in trenches of violence and fear for several decades, will make the world safer. Shame to those who disparage these young voices. March on.

Ron Pray


Birth control a needed option

The Rapid City Journal had a couple columns recently about Down syndrome fetuses. Both of them stressed that children who have that are sweet and lovable and aborting them is wrong. I agree with that, but it is up to the parents to make that decision, and that includes both parents — dealing with children with Down can be difficult.

On March 16 there was a story about a man who killed his two-month-old son, a normal healthy baby, by starvation. The mother was 15 when she birthed the baby, therefore, she was a child herself. Why do we allow people who are too young, or under the influence of drugs get pregnant if we can prevent that? Is it the education system or parents who are failing?

Both women should have been on birth control, period. It is possible to have sex without getting pregnant, you know. Is this how we respect girls? And babies? They say The Bible's Mary was not only a virgin, she was a child. If that's true, it's an awful model for girl's today. Birth control would prevent babies from being born at the wrong time to the wrong people, none of them virgins. Just a fine example of stupidity. Let's all grow up.

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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