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Students ignorant about gun laws

This article is for all the kids who want to ban assault rifles and the 81-year-old guy who thinks we should listen to them. Go back to school and research the subject before you storm out into the streets with your signs and placards.

Assault rifles have been banned in this country since 1990. So what gun is it that you really want to stop the sale of? Do you even know? And how tough a gun law do you want? Do we need the toughest gun control laws in the country like Chicago or New York, for example? Do some research and let us all know how that’s working out. You should also be able to explain how taking my guns will make you safer. I am a member of the NRA who you call a murderer of children. You have the wrong organization. It’s Planned Parenthood who murders innocent children, about 600,000 a year in the USA.

Will your school allow and support your stand against Planned Parenthood as they have against guns? Ask them if they will. And when they tell you no, ask them why.

Don Kopp

Rapid City

Sen. Haverly will be missed in Pierre

State Sen. Terri Haverly recently announced that she would not seek re-election to the Senate. I was sorry to hear that, because during her four years of service, she has been an excellent state senator.

Sen. Haverly served on the important appropriations committee, which oversees our state budget and brought a careful, conservative approach that helped keep South Dakota's budget balanced.  That committee was a good fit for Sen. Haverly, because she works hard and doesn't seek attention.  Like her colleagues, I appreciated her deep knowledge of and commitment to economic development, her common sense, and her directness.

I understand that Sen. Haverly decided to retire from the Legislature because her responsibilities in Rapid City economic development continue to expand, and I know she will continue to be an excellent public servant.  If you see Sen. Haverly in the coming days, please thank her for her hard work on behalf of her district and our state.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard


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