Can we trust Trump’s stability?

Two little boys get in a snit and one threatens the other saying: You closed the doors of diplomacy — you must be mentally retarded. The other boy says: That is an ignorant and insulting statement; set one foot on any of my land and you will be met with great and overwhelming force, and that means obliteration.

Did I say they both are very little boys?

Hoping they'll grow up is futile. How long will we allow this sick man to be in power? Until it's too late? Men have been fighting each other since we started walking upright, but things are different now. Now we can murder millions at one blow. Can we trust Trump to be sane enough to use what little stability he has?

Once Trump said he was pro-choice, but now his followers are what is called pro-life, and so is he. The light he saw was money and power. War is for thinning down the herd — that way they can make some more. Women and children are just things to the president and his choir. Unwanted children grow up to take their rage at being unloved out on anybody they can.

Rich, poor, whatever. Even animals know, if they are loved. Birth-control, contraception, is a gift from the universe, recognize that or not.

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

Motto in schools waste of money

With the Rapid City Schools deteriorating, and requiring a huge school levy, where did they find the time and money to write "In God we trust" on all schools. Couldn't the time be better spent lobbying the state Legislature for more school funding?

Mike Stiffarm

Rapid City

Failing trade policy hurts taxpayers

“Rounds Report: USDA Announces Assistance [again] for Producers Impacted by Trade Disputes.”

I see that Sen. Mike Rounds is part of the deal to buy votes with taxpayer money to make up for a failing president.

Is he proud of this? True conservatives are not.

John Murphy

Rapid City

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