My definition of a feminist

I agree with the letter of Aug. 18 that “Men need to step up and care for their children.” However, I have to respond to his sentence “Despite feminist propaganda, children need dads to love, guide and protect them.”

It’s probably a matter of definition. And experience. I define “feminist” as someone who actively supports and enjoys women. My experience is that my first feminist was my father who raised his two daughters to believe they were supported and enjoyed and valued as were his two sons, who grew up to be feminists. My son, son-in-law and husband, too, are champions of women’s rights, and at the same time nurturing fathers to their sons and other young men. The feminists I know are not negative about men. I can only suppose the letter writer had a less than desirable experience with a feminist, and I know that happens. But let us not paint a group with one broad negative brush stroke.

So yes, we need a culture that encourages men to be role models. We need to do everything we can to raise young men and women who are supported, enjoyed, and valued.

Constance R. Krueger

Rapid City

Better uses for airport money

What was the airport going to do with a $450,000 house? They claim they do not have the money to connect to city sewer or build a new lagoon, but are able to pay cash for a $450,000 property that doesn’t even have the potential to generate more than a couple thousand dollars in revenue.

That $450,000 could be spent building a new septic system or connecting to city sewer, or a better parking lot, or on more chairs so everyone has a place to sit while they wait for their plane to arrive. Or better yet, working to lower ticket prices. I know very few locals who fly out of Rapid City, most drive to Chadron, Neb., Denver or Sioux Falls for reasonably priced airfare.

We need to encourage more airlines like Allegiant, which have low-cost tickets to come into Rapid City. Certainly $450,000 could go toward finding a solution to these high prices or bringing in more airlines with lower prices.

Monica Kjerstad

Rapid City

Keep air ambulances viable

For many years, I served as an active duty member of the Air Force. As a veteran and motorcycle enthusiast, I enjoy riding my motorcycle around the Black Hills. I’m not blind to the risks, however. I know that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, and I have been in a major accident that required my passenger to be airlifted from Nemo Road. Without the air ambulance, my passenger might have lost her leg or her life.

Some of the best motorcycle routes are in remote regions of our state, and as such many roads would be inaccessible or hard to reach by regular ambulances. That’s why I care about air ambulance services. Emergency air ambulances are the most reliable way to the closest urgent care facility.

It’s also why I care about a bill called the Lower Health Care Costs Act. This bill would close air ambulance bases across the country, including some in South Dakota. I ask Sen. Thune to make sure this bill in its current form does not become law. For people who live in my town, the closure of air ambulance bases would take away access to care that is vital to our safety.

Mike Napier

Rapid City

Make medical marijuana legal

I guess some people support big government and the nanny state. I’m sorry, but you can’t change my mind. I believe medical marijuana should be legal. People use the logic of “oh somebody might drive high.” Oh really? How many legal drugs have “don’t drive or operate heavy machinery?” Also, medical marijuana doesn’t have suicidal thoughts or actions as a known side effect.

For those who just say I’m a drug user trying to get high legally, I say it’s about so much more. I know people whose lives could have been saved if marijuana was a treatment option, but nope I had to watch them starve to death as the medicine failed and they couldn’t eat because of it.

Marijuana should be on the table as a treatment option. Doctors should have every tool available to them.

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Brian Colson

Rapid City

Trump embarrasses us with Danes

Denmark is the latest country to be on the receiving end of Donald Trump's wrath. Apparently we still have too many friends in the world. Why was he fixated on the idea that we should buy Greenland from the Danes?

It's the largest island on earth but has a population of about 60,000 people. It's not a tourist destination. Climate change is hitting Greenland hard. It lost 197 billion tons of ice in July, a record loss which threatens to raise ocean levels and throw the planet out of balance.

Perhaps Trump wants Greenland so he can mine and frack its fragile surface. That's his goal for several treasured national parks, including Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. After Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told Trump his idea was absurd, he called her "nasty" and cancelled a state visit with her.

Our Republican politicians need to stop enabling Trump's insanity. We are losing all credibility, even with our longtime allies.

Jay Davis

Rapid City

Women have a right to own body

With a little help from a man, a woman makes a human being. Not really difficult or there wouldn't be so many people. It's what she's here to do, they say as they take out a few with their beloved guns. Now the planet is filled with those who have no place to go. Too many people, too few jobs. They say they love babies but that's easy, the hard part is when the baby needs food and shelter. Do men actually appreciate what women do? Bluntly? Absolutely not. But she does it again — and again and again. No wonder they think women are dumber than men.

Saying that fetuses are "persons" is not in the Bible. Neither is a prohibition against abortion — not there. But we live in a male dominated society, where even young girls face a pregnancy they don't want because men take advantage of them.

We just had a fine example of that. We say we have a right to our own lives. Not true. Not when our government says NO and do-it-yourself can kill you. Your fertilized egg? Sacred! The woman isn't. Without consciousness and a "will" there is no selfhood. When it takes its first breath it's a human being. No cerebral cortex, no "person." Save your tears for kids who die every day because our "little" wars are going on all over the world.

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

Editorial demonstrates bias

Your editorial on Aug. 18 concerning the Serenity Dennard disappearance and the Lynne DiSanto Facebook posts demonstrates the dual intentions of the Democratic/media establishment.

First, convince the citizenry that the only institutions that can solve problems are in the public sector. Your editorial stated: "If Dennard is ever found, it will result because trained and qualified personnel with access to varied resources did their jobs."

Second: Disparage or destroy anyone who is willing to stand up to that narrative. The editorial stated: "It won't be because of a legislator's amateur blog or because uninformed people posted critical comments."

I do not know any of the involved law enforcement personnel nor do I know Lynne DiSanto. But the little girl still has not been found. It would seem the Journal should applaud any effort to locate her instead of using the sad situation to advance a political narrative.

Gary Grittner

Fort Pierre

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