A Sturgis ambulance solution

First, check on the price of a new ambulance, equipment and supplies, cost of the insurance and inspection, staffing and other costs.

I called Ross Lamphere, owner of a campground and representative of a citizens group, and Edward Miller, owner of the Rush-No-More Campground and RV Resort, to tell them about the list above. Both replied: Sounds great. People want figures so they know what the cost will be to operate.

Low voter turnout for the last ambulance election resulted because people want figures.

Next step, the fire departments need to be recategorized from a non-essential service to an essential service.

Campground owners are on a guilt trip because of all the money we make. They need to figure out that if something happens at our sites it will be up to us to get that person to the hospital in a private vehicle not equipped as an ambulance. The solution is to work together. Low voter turnout resulted from cost. It’s money or human life. A person who walks into a store and walks out without paying is stealing.

Farmer’s taxes go to the county and not the city. Nobody would be willing to invest money in something without knowing the cost and additional equipment.

John Coyle


What about my rights?

How is it that a victim of domestic assault gets no protection and no rights? The offender gets out of jail, supposedly has a protection order to not contact the victim. When the victim discovers a conversation between the offender and a friend about luring the victim into a situation to sabotage their vehicle, to blow up when they drive away, and brings this evidence to the authorities, there is absolutely nothing done. This offender remains on the street to execute their plan. Does this sound like something the people of South Dakota would want of their justice system? Where the victim goes in to file for a protection order to ensure their protection and does not receive one? Not only no protection but also is left in imminent danger.

What kind of city/state is this? What if this was your child or spouse or parent? Would you just turn your head then too?

Well this has happened to me, and I'm not OK with it. This is an outrage, and if doesn't have you concerned, it very well should. Man, woman or child, we all deserve protection from our justice system and law officers. Where’s mine? Where’s my rights?

Alan Skeen

Rapid City

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