Carroll wrong on Wounded Knee

Frank Carroll's Commentary of July 23rd is mostly wrong. If history is found to be wrong it must be rewritten.

The Wounded Knee Massacre was the Seventh Cavalry's revenge for the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Only 272 Medals of Honor were awarded for WWII; yet 20 soldiers were awarded a Medal of Honor for a massacre. The 20 Medals of Honor should be rescinded. At Wounded Knee the cavalry chased unarmed men women and children for up to 3 miles to murder them. Does that sound honorable?

Carroll's assertions that reparations for blacks were paid for in blood in the Civil War is wrong. The blood that was shed was because the rebels fought to own black people because of racism and economics. Reparations comes from the same Latin word that means “repair.”

I'd like to have Carroll live for a while on the Pine Ridge Reservation and ask the Lakota elders if the chapter of Wounded Knee is finished.

I have a black grandson and would love for him to watch as sculptures of the traitorous Robert E Lee and others of his ilk be turned into scrap metal.

Robert Ackerman

Rapid City

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